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Here we have an accurate depiction of Mr. Lucas.

Sci-fi, or Saince ficshun, is a series of books and movies written by an oompa loompa, George Lucas. Most of these book and movie titles consist of the words jedi, star, wars, no love for lucas, and nerdfest. All of these are in the future yet somehow the past. For if we take a look at the very beginning of George Lucas's movie Star Wars, It states that A very long time ago, or some crap like that. Anyway, I'm fairly sure that we didn't have a friggin huge death star a few thousand years ago. Right?

More about slimy stuff[edit]

Most people think of greasy slimmed up aliens when they hear these two sub-words. But the 'independence day','war of the worlds', and 'star wars'. Are probably all wrong, since they fit into this "saince ficshun" category. Because the only real aliens were spotted recently in flying pieces of pizza above roswell. These pieces of pizza were caught by the nearby village idiot, who had a reputation for pictures like these.

Legends (or are they?)[edit]

The loch Ness Monster was captured on film by the same village idiot as before, (wow this guy really gets around) while he was on a stroll through the park.This same village idiot, also took a picture of a very hairy man walking around in the woods. We believe this man to only appear on foggy days somewhere in california. He, alongside the Loch Ness Monster are very real,and they wish not to be bothered. So leave them alone.

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Sci-fi, or Saince ficshun, is a series of books and movies written by the oompa loompa George Lucas.