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The Vocal Chords Of A Normal Human.

Whaar's da bar?

~ A Scotsman on Scottish Accents

The popular (less popular with the English) Scottish Accent is tha reason that made Scotland, its charming lilt implies the camaraderie that defined the race of Scotland. It is likely that you'll hear it in Scotland and the exported Scots that are found globally. The accent has become a phenomenon with the accent becoming a status symbol and a fashion accessory.

A brae wee tongue i'tis[edit]

The greatest tongue to be spoken in all the kingdooms of the laird, the lange o' tha gaels is a fluent an melodious tongue. Many a day tis that a scotsmen will rise from his table and cry out: Givme anotherr whiskey!!" in a grand drunken slurr. Tis' not to be mistake ken for the rath foul tongue of the irrrish. A scotsmen is ootdone ba noo man alive. Not even a grand ould brawler tha likes o' me ma.

The langue o' tha ancient Celts[edit]

'Tis no surrprise that tha manner o speaking used by tha scots is descended from tha Gaelic worrd. In tha grreat n' gllorious past twas nae surprise ta hear a Celt cry oot: "Aew Moe Wee Hach witkh oo, ah moo wee haech nyana.", which, tas ya ken, meens "Ah tha Mull o Kintyre bairn ke Hogmanay blether lang".

T'a akcent tiself[edit]

In a lost an fergotten tyme, twas commen fer tha Scots ta eat peat. During th's tyme, tha dingerr Roomens wer'e invadin the grreat isle o tha Scots and there was nae tyme fer the harvestin o tha crops. Tha peat a 'ad a terrible effec't on tha throats o tha scoots, an today tis responsible fer tha mannerr o speak. Twa bubbles aff the centre, Am Ah right, or am Ah wrang?

A wee bit of phrasery[edit]

The Vocal Chords Of A Scot With A Scottish Accent.
  • Keep a calm sooch
  • Tha sin glè mhath!
  • Càit a bheil an taigh beag
  • A crookit stick will thraw a crookit shadow
  • Aither live or dee wi honour
  • Whaar's da bar?
  • Dinnae tooch me thaur
  • dinnae, cannae, willnae
  • Whut wa that oo said?
  • Nae, fer tis a brae wee lad
  • I dinna back doone
  • Fookin' obvious that cunt was gonnae fook some cunt!

Aul tha rest[edit]

If ye cannae unnerstand this, you arr nae Celt n tha blood.

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