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Scranton, better known as Scrantum is a city in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Nicknamed the Garden of Eden, it is well known for rock-bottom property ownership costs, as well as simply being the best place to live on the North American continent.

Scrantum is a geographical oddity. While it is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, it is very close to popular destinations across the United States of America. For example, the beaches of Hawaii are only 10 KM Southeast of Scrantum. A popular winter vacation destination for residents of the City is Aspen, Colorado, a mere 2 hour drive away.

Every location within the city limits of Scrantum is higher than every other location, making transportation very simple with the aid of gravity (See Transportation).




Transportation is extremely simple in Scrantum because all roads go downhill in both directions (this is due to Scrantum's geographical nature of every point being higher than every other point). This ensures that only minimal amounts of fuel are needed for automobile traffic within the city. Pedestrian travel is very popular in Scrantum, and this is because every sidewalk is equipped with moving walkways.