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“They're just not trying anymore are they?”

~ Oscar Wilde on the lazy ass Pokémon designers.
An image of the elusive pokémon.

Scribble is one of 55,098 fictional species of Pokémon creatures from the multi-billion-dollar Pokémon media franchise – a collection of video games, anime, manga, books, trading cards and other media created by Satoshi Tajiri. It is #27,501 in the National Pokédex. It first appeared in Pokémon ShitBrown. Its main purpose in the games, as with all other Pokémon, is to battle both "wild" Pokémon, which are untamed creatures encountered while the player passes through various environments, and "tamed" Pokémon that are owned by Pokémon trainers.

The name Scribble is a portmanure of the english words: scribe and black, or possibly blue.

Biological Characteristics[edit]

It is highly linear in appearance, giving it a slight resemblance to Ekans, though its thinness indicates it is more likely to be based on a size 0 supermodel. However its lack of a visible head gives it more of an appearance similar to a scribbled line on a piece of paper. It is thought by many players to lack genitals, although the same is true for all pokémon. Scribble are extremely aggressive, and like nothing better than to strangle innocent Pikachu.

In the Video Games[edit]

Scribble can be found in Pokémon ShitBrown, although it is incredibly hard to find. More often than not when you catch one, you have actually picked up a moldy piece of string. Its stats are fairly mediocre and all its really good for is strangling. By a slightly insane side quest, you can get the item "Black Line", which, when equipped to a Scribble and bred with a Ditto will give it the attacks Wrap, Bind and for some reason beyond all mortal beings, Softboiled.

In the Pokémon Anime[edit]

Scribble first appeared in episode 12,954 where it attempted to strangle Ash's Pikachu. It of course failed, as killing off the main character would have just stupid. Pikachu has appeared in 50,968 episodes since then, and its chatchphrase: "Pikaaaa-chuuuuu!" has not become at all repetative.

In other Media[edit]

Scribble in The Pokémon Trading Card Game

Scribble has appeared on four cards in the pokémon trading card game. In fact it was just 4 single copies of the same card. The reason no more were printed was because the first critic to pick it up took one look at it before yelling "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS CRAP!?!?!?" at a level of noise louder than the explosion of Krakatoa in 1883 by at least 50 decibels. Nintendo were consequently sued for countless cases of tinnitus and deafness, resulting in an estimated loss of $900,000,000,000. However this was only a small percentage of their yearly profit, and Nintendo quickly resumed business as usual. The card was soon dealt with after one executive said in a board room meeting: "I think it should do 20 damage instead of 10." And thus the new cards were put into print, taking children by storm. It was an instant commercial success. The four original cards are now owned by Bill Gates. What do you think he does in his free time?