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"Script Kiddie" (also "Script Kiddy") is a term used to describe a n00b and wannabe hacker. It is also a synonym for epic failure. Script Kiddies typically have no real technological experience except using AOL to chat in 1337 with other wannabes and downloading pr0n and random pre-written scripts to do "malicious" things with. Pshht. Malicious, MY ASS.

Characteristics of a Script Kiddie[edit]

Script Kiddies are anti-social parasites and have personalities comparable to maggots. They like to pretend that they are intelligent life forms when they feed off of superior life forms.

Typical Activities of a Script Kiddie[edit]

Script Kiddies tend to feed off of people with real programming skills so they can feel like they're actually worth something. Some typical things script kiddies do:

  • Instant Message or chat to each other in 1337
  • Make false claims about things they never did and will never do (usually pertaining to 1337 h4x0r1ng)
  • Download malicious scripts from sites infected with viruses, trojans, spyware, malware, and other harmful files.
    • Use Norton to try and detect these harmful files because they are too stupid to get a REAL virus scan.
  • Run around at various places screaming "1 |\/| 1337 H^XX0|2! P|-|3^|2 |\/|3|-|!"
  • Try to steal your password.
  • Watch pr0n

Script Kiddies and the Hacker Food Chain[edit]

Script Kiddies are at the bottom of the hacker food chain. Superior organisms such as Hackers, Crackers, and even Warez D00ds may feed on them as prey. This also means that Script Kiddies are also more likely to get caught when they do a no-no, like download a script to hack into Tom's myspace.

Society's View on Script Kiddies[edit]

Society tends to view Script Kiddies as parasites. Not as harmful parasites, but as nuisance parasites with no life. Scientific studies show that Script Kiddies can prey on their host unnoticed for long periods of time and they change their hosts often, depending on their mood. Their hosts can range from an elite hacker to a n00b at a tech forum, as long as the host has much more technical experience than the Script Kiddie. They feed on their hosts by way of the internet. Society views this as cruel and unjust, and most people believe that the internet is best used for pr0n and pedophilia, not the interests of Script Kiddies.

Famous Script Kiddies[edit]

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