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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Hillary Clinton?
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Scrodum?

Scrotum is an Italian pudding made from cheese (traditionally mozzarella, though parmesan and beef are frequently used), wine and anchovies that is served at weddings, funerals and breakfast. It is also the thing you suck on. See Hilary Clinton for more details.

History of scrotum[edit]

Scrotum was invented on June 13, 1988 by fifteen thousand drunken bookmakers on a night out in Turin. While the original recipe called for the inclusion of pork scratchings, over the following centuries it evolved and grew into the snack we know and love today.

Scrotums or Scrota?[edit]

The peculiar debate over what one should call a bucket full of scrotum has raged for centuries. Mussolini favoured the term scrota, while Mike Tyson always said scrotums. Educated people in Italy and elsewhere eschew both words and simply use hand signals when discussing the term.

Detachable Scrota/Scrotii[edit]

The Detachable scrotum is a recent addition to the ranks of scrote-hood. At a small premium, you too can gain your very own Detachable Scrotum! Very useful in a street fight if they try to apply force to your ball sac with a limb. Recently a discovery was made about the detachable scrotum. Three scientists in Scandinavia, while working on a project with Easter eggs, found out that if you do have a detachable scrotum you most likely have been a female your whole life and did not know it. What a surprise!

W.Scott Douglas IV: The Human Scrotum[edit]

W.Scott Douglas IV is an English politics student at the University of Edinburgh. He has no friends and has never worked a day in his life. He is a member of the comittee of the Edinburgh University Motorcycle Diaries Society. He is a prick and a conservative.

Early Life[edit]

Scott was born on 14th July 1988. He is the illegitamate son of Alan Rickman with a Manchester bovine. He was adopted by a wealthy family in the early nineties. His family made their fortune in the manufacture of blimps. He later attended Edinburgh Academy where he sucked off many off his teachers and peers.

Famous people called Scrotum[edit]

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