Scrotum Of Death

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Sometimes the foundations are so rotten and bad that the only good and constructive action is demolishing everything and starting from scratch. In other words, rewrite this article. It's in such a bad state that you may ignore all of its current contents if you like.

But be a bitch! DO IT!!!

This is a picture of the magnificent band's album cover and logo. It was enspired by the misfits skull and a nailed penis, or should i say schlong.

Ballsack or Scrotum of Death is a Death Metal band from the state of Calcutta, India. Even though they are rather obsessed with the male reproductive organ to a extreme level, the still like vaginas and dead toads. If you put Ballsack of death and an aboriginal girl naked in the same room, they will all eat a piece of her, poo it out and remould her soul. On the otherhand, they'll do this with toads as well. It is not uncommon to come across ballsack of death in a necrophilliacing toad orgy. they idolise toads with their ability to legally have sex with corspses-as you do.

The band was founded at Barry Ballsacks crib. Whilst Freddy Foreskin wasn't present at the meeting of the Ballsak revolution, he is still a vital asset. I mean, come on, if you saw what he can do with his foreskin, you'd know what i'm talking about. It's like he's windy wizard with the party tricks he does. Although, Freddy Foreskin is undoubtedly the gayest member he get's all the pussy. Lucky Faggot!!!!!!!! What you may not know about the band is that they are interested in getting into the rat breeding business.

Hairy : Hairy, ahh what a child. I remember the first time i laid hands on him. He let off the aroma of a freshly brewed batch of toenail soup [that's what i thought anyway]. Later on i learned that this was actually his nether regions. (aka groin). You see, when properly handled Scotty is quite a pleasant child. However, if squeezed too hard, this awful smelling toenail soup is excreted from his rectum and urethra. He is also 100% Nillwagga.

Lili bjGay?

B : yeah das ma name aye. ( | )>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>| - ) and yeh das ma penis. ya can't see da foreskin at this view but das alright. you might ask how i got my name, freddy foreskin. i think the real question didn't i get that name. people like to tell me my foreskin is often on fire, a huge naked flame. i am commonly known to sacrifice forskin on stage, just for the arousal of mothers all over the world.

Prince m esq : What can we say about him. He's a bloody trooper!!!! He's what B-sack Of Death like to call the Nigel No friends pig fucker. Yep that's what he does, FUCKS pigs. And when he's not sticking it in and out of pigs, he's giving a liddle tug. Not hard, just like the feeling you get on your fishing rod when the fish are nibbling at your bait. He also keeps a pet gargoul and Ronald Weasley in his room. He finds it rather amusing seeing poor old Ron endlessly battling the stone creature. WINGARGIUM LEVIOSA!!!!





She's On The Dole





Contributing Staff[edit]

M maily - Cameraman and curly haired faggot...everyone has at least one, ours is a big one.

Zac Kelly - Self-Appointed Tour Manager

A little Asian boy named Chicken..(we don't know his real name) - Groupie

T.K - For being there when he was needed most

And last but not least...

Jackson because his head makes me giggle :), yet we still find him rather cunt-like

p.s scotts a fucken fat cunt