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Diddy Moa, DIDDY MOA MOA!!!

Sean "Daddy of Puffs" Combs (born February 31, 1949, in the afternoon) is a well known musician, actor, entertainer, cloth designer, TV chef, producer, amateur dentist, olympic medalist in bobsleigh, anal-bead enthusiast, soccer mom, scientist, black rights snacktivist, business man, corpse rapist, and more. Prior to adopting his current artist name (Klas Vunstaffelscharft), he was universally derided as Biggie Smalls' (aka Smelly Balls, Piggy, Big Fatty) "Dance Biyatch". He likes to poop in his boxers and keep them in his collection. Indeed Sean Pitty Combs has an impressive collection of over 500 poopy boxers. The poops come from a variaty of food eaten in famous restaurants such as McDonald, Burger Shak, White Castle. And by the way he likes White Castle beacause he loves Harold and Kumar so much.

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Early Years[edit]

Sean was born in 1949 in the small Belgian village of Seattle (nowadays located in north western USA). His parents were both educated lawyers and during Sean's childhood he rarely had to worry about financial concerns. This was not because of his parents good education however, but rather because of all the blowjobs that young Sean used to sell to the male teachers after school. He also admitted that his greatest aim in life was to suck Eminem's flute.


Puff Daddy calls Björk

Already at the age of six Sean was discovered whileturning tricks in the hood and brought into the music and entertainment industry. He was considered one of the best skin-flute players of his age, and this talent soon took him to the big scenes all over the world. He played a now legendary duet with Jimi Hendrix's teeth at the Woodstock festival, which brought him into the skin-flute Hall of Fame. He appeared in several movies as well as released a number of albums with indian themed skin-flute music. By the year of 1970, Sean Combs was a worldwide icon and idol, with dozens of fans all over the world. By now, he had also established himself in several other areas in show business, and had founded his own record label. In the year of 1986 he launched his very own clothing line, "Dad", and also began to wear designer sun glasses in order to look more cool.

Due to his many areas of expertise and his sometimes drastic changes in popularity, Sean Combs often changed his artist name. The latest scientific studies done at the International Research Center of Sean Combs Aliases in Zürich indicates that so far he has used over 7,500 different aliases and

He also had the incredibly successful "VOTE OR DIE" campaign, wherein he voted for the Giant Douche. While the official statistics are unknown, he is said to have executed over 200 registered voters for not participating in the 2004 elections, including Paris Hilton.

P Diddy recently put out a plea for cheap oil from his 'brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia', finally putting to rest apparently perennial rumours about Comb's family connections overseas. Having had to give up his private jet, Diddy claimed that the next president would have to lower petrol prices before boarding the first class compartment and shooting five non voters. The tit.

He starred in a cool movie called Fifi's Angels as the boss of the secret agents Fifi la Fume,Usher and Rouge the Bat.His best role so far.


Sean Combs has used over 12,000 aliases during his career. Here are some of the most well known:

  • Piss Diddy
  • Anus Magillicutty
  • P Dizzil my shizzil dog
  • P Dawg
  • Random Somalian Preppy Kid
  • Methanphetamine DIDDY
  • Sean "Puffy" Combs
  • Puff Daddy
  • Puff Mommy
  • Symbol
  • Prince
  • Pottasium Dichloride
  • P. Diddy
  • P. Diddy Kong
  • Puffing Bongs
  • Punk Daddy
  • Trick Daddy
  • You want me to be your daddy?
  • Im your daddy, bitch
  • Gay Dad
  • P. Daddy Dj
  • Duff Paddy
  • Daddy Poof Poof
  • P. The old daddy you read about in the newspaper
  • P. Donkey Kong
  • P. Monkey Dong
  • P. Ping Pong
  • P. Ding Dong
  • P.
  • P
  • .
  • James Q. Piddy
  • My Big Ass House in Atlanta is for sale
  • Luff Laddy
  • Diddyo
  • Professor Orangejuice
  • Diddy Mao
  • Sean Piddy
  • Sean McNereny
  • Puff Diddy
  • Sean Daddy
  • Sean Piddy
  • Sean Connery
  • P. Daddy
  • Puff Piddy
  • Tony Danza
  • Baron Horatio "Puffsworth," the Lord von Wittgendiddy VII (deceased)
  • Genesis P-Diddy, founder of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Blakqc Youth
  • P. Puffy
  • Patty D.
  • Daddy
  • Puff Saddy
  • Kanye West
  • The Didd
  • Icemaster P
  • Songthief P
  • Papi Caliente
  • What A Piddy
  • P. Diddle
  • Who's yo daddy?
  • Pin Diddy
  • Mody Didd
  • Golden Puff
  • Poo Daddy
  • P. Pretty
  • Penis
  • Puff Poopy
  • Poop
  • P. Poopy McPoop
  • P. Poofy
  • Smoke Mommy
  • That Guy with a fro
  • Sin With Me
  • Who's yo diddy?
  • Sean Duffy
  • P. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Did Fiddy Do Daddy?
  • Bananarama Fo Faddy
  • P-"Don't be such a dick about it"y
  • Paddy Maddy Rad-Tree
  • Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot P. Diddy
  • Pidmaster Puffalicious
  • Sean-Puff Dizzy
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Sean Piddy Fiddy Siddy Biddie Gitty
  • The Artist formerly known as Sean Piddy Fiddy Siddy Biddie Giddy Hiddie Widdy
  • The Dad
  • Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man
  • Nubian Negroid
  • Superpuff
  • Papa Piddy
  • TV's Frank
  • P. To the D
  • The Notorious P.U.F.
  • Padmington Pufftastic
  • Peter
  • P.Diddy'd My Pants
  • Sell Combs
  • Powerpuff Gizzy
  • Pee Diddy
  • Poo Diddy
  • The Unibomber
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Napolean Bonaparte
  • Emperor Nero
  • Jigglypuff Daddy
  • Puff the Magic Diddy
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Bobby'O
  • Dr Mysterio
  • Dumbledore
  • Diddeli-Diddelida
  • Dipp-Dappedi-Doo
  • Yoo-Hoo
  • Ice Cube
  • David Grohl
  • Puff-Titten-Tei
  • Joel Alex
  • Baad Boy Fo'Lyfe
  • That Rapper Guy
  • Sir Pimpalotanot
  • Pufflebump Snugglekins
  • Iddy Biddy Diddy Comiddy
  • Won't Stop
  • Can't Stop
  • Eh-eh
  • Tits McGee (take that,take that,take that)
  • Pee Diddy
  • Poof Daddy
  • Retard
  • Starwars Kid
  • Starwarz Kid
  • Lil Jon
  • Dave Chappelle
  • Notorious B.I.G. (Before he went on the Subway diet)
  • Puff Puff Give
  • P. Be Puffing The Good Stuff
  • I Don't Suffer From Bitchassness
  • P. Ziddy Da Griddy Niddy Riddy Diddy
  • P. Dildo
  • Cambodian Breast Milk
  • Diddy
  • iddy
  • ddy
  • dy
  • y
  • ...
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
  • Fruit Loops
  • Sir Burger Farts
  • Sean Hayes
  • Chris Gaines
  • Duff Paddy
  • Duff Man Daddy
  • P Diddly-Doodly Daddy Combserino
  • Chopper Zone OG
  • HBK
  • Tarzan
  • King of all ass bags

Biggie's Death[edit]

The Notorious BIG died when he was shot...I mean assasinated. Well, he was killed by an exploding Big mac he was eating.