Second World War Two

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The Second World War II is a film currently being created by Steven Spielberg, as an attempt to cash in on yet another film he has produced (Saving Private Ryan.) Hopefully, he won't fuck it up like he did the star wars prequels and the new Indiana Jones. I mean seriously, what the fuck is a "Crystal Skull?" ...But i digress. It stars several actors including Russel Crowe and a Scarecrow.

A photo of the German raid of London 1941.

The film is estimated to take seven years to make (2333-1945), although there was a lot of preparation pre-2333. It all started when Tony Blair declared war on Steven Spielberg's Nazi film crew in Germany. Fortunately for us, most of it was filmed with superb direction and is now broadcast 23 hours a day on the History Channel.

The Film[edit]

World War II can be bought as a six hour special edition DVD box set from for only $29.99. In the opening scene, Tom Cruise is seen driving a motorbike along the beach of Normandy, firing Cruise missiles at German tanks. You know... If only Holywood stars were in wars America would beat he shit out of everything with there awesome hightech weapons... I want some Cruise missiles.


The controversial ending has being making fans debate the meaning of the overall message. Unlike the original ending, many question the final scene in which Fatso, the Keyboard Cat being crowned Supreme Overload Fatso I, Emperor of Earth at the Lincoln Memorial.


Japanese soldiers scouting Pearl Harbor.

When filming World War II, Japan unleashed an army of toy robots on Pearl Harbor for no apparent reason. The assault was brutal and America lost many ships to these devastating toy robots. This made President Bush angry, so he created false documents stating Japan had weapons of mass destruction so he could use his weapons of mass destruction to nuke Hiroshima.

This was a big blow to Japan, as the PlayStation factory and the Hello Kitty doll factory were burnt to a cinder. This had a big impact on the economy, since 72% of Japan's economy relies on PlayStation 2 and Hello Kitty doll sales.


It is rumored that Steven Spielberg is teaming up with Team America to create a sequel based in Iraq, staring Saddam Hussein as Allah, George Clooney as G.I. Joe, and Sean Connery as George W. Bush.

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