Second lunch

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Template:Nowikipedia:Second lunch is the Hobbish tradition of eating like a starving husky. <Retry

Second lunch is the Hobbish tradition of eating like a shot, fat man who's stomach is roughly 97% of his body mass. Same are the traditions of first-fourth breakfist, first-third tea, lunch, second lunch, third lunch, dinner, first dinner tea-third dinner tea and midnight snack. If any human followed the tradition of eating this much, they would explode. Literally, sorry but it's true; the stomach would rip from the large proportions of food being aten at every single minute of the day. Hobbits are truly suited for only one job:
  • growing fat
  • being fat
  • acting fat
  • growing larger
  • sitting
  • laying
  • standing while propped against something to support there wait, like a cane or staff
  • growing even more larger

The meaning of one in the sentence before the list[edit]

  • one
  • the square root of 64