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Segagaga (セガガガ) is only the Sega with stuttering problem another damn RPG -hentai game developed by Sega and released only in Japan for the Sega Fuckast on 29 of March in 2001 in the last breaths of the videogame.

The poor game[edit]

Segagaga has parodies of his business in which shows the total failure of the Fuckcast and the company. A player is recruited by Sega in one last effort to stop the evil company DOGMA to control the console market. The game has interspersed scenes of anime, offer several special appearances by characters from the Sega and its games failed, as well as a variety of styles.

How to Play[edit]

With your hands (we have seen play video games with your feet? This is logical!) A variety of genres are included in the game like minigames (DTTT, GKKK and R-720 with Syrinx) or any other form, the overall structure is Segagaga a Japanese Hentai-RPG. The parodies have competition between Fuckcast and StopStation 2, challenging the player to control the company and prevent DOGMA seizure of all parts of the market. In the first section of the game, the player must progress through stupid Sega studios and combat various employees and characters of the same games. If the player is defeated, One month of development time is lost.


Situated in the year 2025, the story portrays the Sega with only a percentage of 3% of the market! In Haneda (the city where the Sega was established in 1951) in Tokyo this is logical! ¬¬), the president of the Sega creates a new project: Segagaga (abreviated SGGG), a plan to save the Sega of its main competitor, Nintendo DOGMA (another name given to Sony, it was the greatest competitor of Sega at these time). As part of Project Segagaga, the Sega if shit hires two teenagers called Tarō Sega (the clone of Chris from the infamous anime Sonic X) and Yayoi Haneda (plagiarism of Bulma from the Dragon Ball series), and send (by force) to guide the Sega back to the top of the market (if she's been there). The game has features and appearances of characters from the Sega both past and present, such as Alex Kidd, Opa-Opa and Sonic the Hedgehog (and here he also fucking run!). The game also shows shit associated with StopStation. Other games that appear are only parodies of droppings.


There are a few of in game:

  • Tarō Sega - The hero of this whole plot. He lived in the suburb of Akihabara, and was middle class. He studied at the Okayama Prefectural High School. He is the only playable character in the game, and is the only one capable of saving itself Sega same. Just as every fan baka games for Jankenpo Man, Tarō is shy and clumsy (now we know why he never wanted to get Yayoi! Poor Guy...). Voice made by Junko Noda.
  • Yayoi Haneda - The assistant Tarō at times. How Tarō is shy, the two are hardly talk. She has the power of good, which once tried sabotaged the project SGGG. A guy named Cool (who later reveals that he is the president of DOGMA) Yayoi leads to a lab. Hence, Yayoi is fully naked (to the delight of Otakus) like giving strength to the company. But Tarō gives a cry and ends up breaking one business where some give life to others and then explodes! Cool, then leaves, however, all fucked up. Yayoi appears naked walking for Tarō and until the end, he feels passion for it. Voice made by Aya Hisakawa.
  • Alisa - The Alis Landeel for the first Phantasy Star, is present as an assistant for the two teenagers. Alis has undergone several changes since the PS I, Phantasy Star Gaiden and Phantasy Star - The End Of The Millennium. Here, Alis is blonde is nothing but stupid, but to stay happy for anything ... and was younger and Nerd than normal. Voice made by Kikuko Inoue.
  • Hiro - the Send-Rain of the Sega on this game, which appears in a few moments of the game (more so early in the game). He's kind of like a rich man back, but forward, he is a president seriously. Voice made by Kishino Yukimasa.
  • Cool - nobody knew he was the boss of DOGMA, only after Mr. Hiro fired him. But he had a machine to control things, which was embedded in his head. He has tried to make mischief with Yayoi and I wanted to dominate not only the blind, but rather the whole world. Voice made by Ryutaro Ryotaro.
  • Dolmexica - the brain's parent of Sega all fucked up. He controls the Tera Drive, which the game is part of their productions and Fuckcast discs GD-ROM. A part of Dolmexica was missing. That part was dubbed by Tarō Sega called Masaka. However, that part of it broke Dolmexica, Cool was controlled by the chairman of DOGMA. A broken piece of Dolmexica is found in Chapter 9 or in minigame R-720 with Syrinx. It can be locked in several islands of Blind since SG-1000 on the Sega Saturn. In the end, Masaka and Dolmexica turn pro, and just enjoy the final. Unknown voice.


Segagaga was just a game of Sega fans only for Otakus Anime Hentai. It is one of the rarest games!

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