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Selling out is a fictional insult that classic fans of unpopular movies, video games, comics, books, and so on like to throw at the authors to make it sound like they are cool and awesome for liking this movie, video game, comic, book, or so on before anyone else did. The phrase "Sell Out" is usually used by idiots who don't understand the concept of money, who are shocked and disturbed at the thought of being rewarded for greatness, and are all around stinky pants. The first use of the phrase was in around the early 70s when Nostradamus's followers called him a sell-out for becoming so popular. Nostradamus was beaten to death soon after.

Who sells out?[edit]

  • Bands who are tired of living in boxes.
  • Website writers who decide that they want true appreciation for their work
  • Video game modders who want to be recognized as a real company
  • Buddy Christ
  • People who realize they're good looking

Why is selling out such an insult?[edit]

Most who use the phrase are rich children, and do not know the concept of NEEDING MONEY. They do not know the value of a dollar, and they don't realize that working for free is not as easy as it sounds. Not only are these people children, they are rich. That means that they are inferior to everyone, including you.

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