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Sequel is the follow-up to the best-selling work of classical literature, Original. Sequel follows the story of Son of Main Character, and is a highly politically charged story with hints of neo-classical themes. It makes heavy use of drama and be warned that it contains spoilers for all previous books in Series, the series of epic novels written by Author.

Sequal is widely regarded as a cheap way of cashing in on the success of Original and degenertaing to the self-contained world that Original was set in.

Plot Summary[edit]

The villain of Sequel, known only as "W", who is supposedly corrupting Main Character's patriotic image into supporting all sorts of nasty things, like prisons, torture, and tax cuts. Author has been accused of making thinly-veiled political commentary in Sequel. The response of Author reads as follows: "Thinly-veiled? You give me far too much credit, good sirs!"


Sequel rehashes many of Original's themes, but with less of a philosophically-influenced outlook. Son of Main Character must live up to the pressure that his father's legacy created for him.

Pitted against the nefarious villain known only as 'W', Son of Main Character decides to distance himself from his father's legacy of plenty of whores, focusing instead on 'romance', with an independent, strong female lead character called Romantic Interest.

Main Character's son works together with Romantic Interest to overthrow the villain as they voyage through the perilous, evil land called The Perilous, Evil Land. They do everything in their power to overthrow the evil 'W'.

Successor of Original[edit]

The poster from the movie adaptation of Original.

Sequel is widely recognised as not living up to the hype established after the publishing of the previous book, Original. Original is heralded by praise of its deep, challenging philosophical outlook, meaningful characterisation without sacrificing good plot development, and having the exactly correct balance of explosions, whores, and fast cars to avoid being purely fantasy, purely action, or purely romance. In Original, Main Character and his assistant, Assistant, work to overthrow the evil villain, Villain. But they face many obstacles, including a bloodthirsty monster named Monster. In the end, they overthrow Villain and finally free Land from his evil reign. Original is said to appeal to the following demographics:

Fan reaction[edit]

Original had featured a teaser chapter of its follow-up title, Sequel, however the version of Sequel that was eventually published was entirely missing this chapter. Fans have described this as "a slap in the face", because they claim to have only brought the book because of how awesomely fantastically awesomely cool the teaser chapter in Original was. People who have actually been slapped in the face are decrying these fans as "stupid".

Fans were also greatly disappointed in its complete departure from the subject matter of the original, featuring a total of zero explosions, one whore, and only one car that went five miles under the speed limit. Also, Sequel makes absolutely no mention of Son of Villain, who was born at the end of Original and played an important role in the teaser chapter at the end of Original. Many people criticize Sequel's villain, 'W', as simply being "too stupid" be even remotely scary. "Why should we be frightened by this 'W', when he can't even speak properly?" many indignant fans of Series have asked. The fact that it took six years to be released to the public when Original was done in a single year didn't help, either.

It has, however, had excellent success with female readers and more open-minded parts of the male audience, who have never been fans of the tradition of wild abandon in sexual adventures in their classical fiction. "It's nice to finally see a real women in one of these books, who isn't currently under the influence of a yet-to-be-discovered drug that induces insatiable lust," says Lucy, mother of twelve. Also, many more Politically Correct fans applaud Author for making the villain of the story, "W", incredibly lame and moronic. "It's nice to see that more diversity is being introduced into the world of villains in books," many members of the ACLU have said.

Critical reviews[edit]

Critics, preferring to leave no turn unstoned, feel that it was highly derivative and lacked the deep philosophical meaning of the original, were scathingly nice about its chapter-long descriptions of Main Character's Son's beard, and publicly decried the lack of elves and fast cars.

Critics claimed to have received a current total of 5,632 "slaps in the face" due to this book.

They were, however, quite pleased with the rhyme scheme in chapter seven. And they liked the bit with tea and muffins. Oh, and the furry sidekick was totally cute and not at all annoying, which is practically a first. One brave critic decided to give Sequel an award for this, but unfortunately she was stoned to death and given quite scathingly nice reviews from her colleagues.

Part of the Series dodecology[edit]

Son of Main Character, thinking before he delivers the best line of Sequel: "And so, I said, if you'll believe that, I have a ring to sell you!"

Series consists of the following titles, in fictional chronological order:

  1. Before Prequel: Throne of Prequel
  2. Before Prequel: Prophecy of Sequel
  3. Before Prequel: Lands of Original
  4. Prequel
  5. Original
  6. Sequel
  7. Shadows of Prequel
  8. Post-sequel
  9. Meta-sequel
  10. Villain Strikes Again
  11. Knife of Main Character
  12. The Revenge of Son of Villain
  13. 'W' vs. Son of Villain: The Ultimate Clash
  14. Return of Main Character
  15. Rescue of Romantic Interest
  16. Resurrection of Villain
  17. The Final Conflict

Or in order of publishing:

  1. Original (5)
  2. Sequel (6)
  3. Shadows of Prequel (7)
  4. Before Prequel: Throne of Prequel (1)
  5. Before Prequel: Prophecy of Sequel (2)
  6. Post-sequel (8)
  7. Before Prequel: Lands of Original (3)
  8. The Colour of Original (10)
  9. Meta-sequel (9)
  10. Prequel (4)
  11. Knife of Main Character (11)
  12. The Final Conflict (12)

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