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Founded in 2168, Serious Cybernetics was originally started by Steve Ballmer, after an ironic near-death experience with a falling Google sign. The company was created with the philosophy that there's nothing funny about anything. Most products perfomed menial tasks, such as serving food or cleaning, but were designed specifically to interrupt whenever someone was about to tell a joke or witness an amusing situation. He hoped to appeal to religious fundamentalists and Republicans, but initial products were extremely unpopular amongst the aforementioned groups due to their general rejection of technological advancement.

Disappointed with the poor sales of his products, except as gag gifts, he developed a new line robotic overlords (the RO-2000) designed specifically to destroy anything remotely funny. However, due to abhorrent sales, he only had the funding to build a single robot.

Due to a targetting bug in the software, the robot mistakenly determined Rosie O'Donnell to be funny. The brief, but bloody, battle resulted in its destruction along with O'Donnell. The devastated Ballmer sold Serious Cybernetics Corporation in 2171 after realizing that he had only provided fuel for the monologues of late night talk show personalities.

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