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A young Seth Green plays with his younger brother

Seth Green is a is a Well Known and beloved actor. Known as the son of Dr Evil, and long lost brother of Seth MacFarlane, he is known for the creation and being dictator of the evil Robot Chicken empire. Seth is 33 years old and he still plays with dolls. He himself is an avid supporter of the uses of cyborg chicken armies and will trounce anyone that disobeys his mechanical fowl.

Early Life[edit]

Seth Green is an American actor, director, writer, producer and comedian. He was born on the 8th of February, 1974 (age 41), in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Green grew up in Pennsylvania with his older sister named Kaela who is an actress, his father Herbert Green, a math teacher and his mother Barbara Green, an artist. Green graduated from Robert E. Lamberton High School in Philadelphia.

Building An Army[edit]

After witnessing all the fun that the chickens were having, he decided that it was time that for a change. He started abducting chickens, and using his knowledge of evil, developed a way for chickens to live forever. This got him fired from his work and then beaten up by Col. Sanders himself. An angered Seth returned to his cybernetic chickens, and vowed to get revenge. He eventually amassed an army of millions, and decided that it was time.

The Takeover[edit]

Eventually, Seth did get his revenge by sending his troops to local Kentuckistan Fried Chicken franchises, and then allowing all hell to ensue. He was a merciless man, and killed anybody that protested this his actions. He eventually got tired of the small franchises, when he decided that there be bigger actions put into place.

Him and a group of super-cyborgs went to the production offices of Turner Broadcasting Company, and forced Ted Turner into giving him his own television series that would be called Aqua Teen Hunger Force. This allowed him to eventually gain the support of a few stoners and Anime Freaks, which would be his personal entourage for eternity.

The Show That Started An Empire

His Work[edit]

Seth Green had been playing with Barbie one day when he had the idea to put her on TV as a fasion star. He did that but his agents and producers decided to change the show to Robot Chicken. Seth began working on Family Guy shortly after creating the army of Robot Chickens. He acted as Chris. After Family Guy coppied the idea of making a Star Wars special, "Skoty" went evil and murdered his fellow actors and the producers of the show. Green's hobbies include cow milking, playing make believe, shopping, boy bands, domination, and jumping rope.

Chris Crocker Pregnancy[edit]

Most recently Chris Crocker visited a sperm bank and picked up a vile of Seth's sperm sample. The child named "Damien" was born on 6/6/06. He recently released a video defending his Dad/Mom (no one really knows what sex Chris is)


Seth Green can now be found residing in Boise with his father and brother. He and his chickens have since reconciled with Sanders, and is now a measly factory manager.

He will always have his empire, but he wishes not to reside there due to radiation and the high amounts of cancerous dead chicken parts that are laying around. It is said that he is currently looking for a successor, but nobody wants to claim it.

He is the father of Adam Puffin-Pasik.

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