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7's current logo and promotional campaign

Seven Network is Australia's number 1 or 2 television network, depending if you drank or ate. It's rival bastards are ABC, Nine Network and Network Ten


Seven Network was initially made up of 5 different channels in 5 different cities:

The first station went to air in Sydney in 1948, with those in other cities following in years after that. The first ever program to air was "Roger Climpson's World Around Me" where Roger would talk to viewers about the day he is having, and any issues which he sees as important.

Seven Network has been Australia's second-rating station since 1952, but in 2005, the trend began to reverse itself, especially in Sydney where Ian Ross-Symons became head anchor for the Nightly Seven Nightly National Network News. Much of the success of Nightly Seven Nightly National Network News can also be attributed to its relocation in that year to Prime Minister John Howard's house, and its weekly segment where celebrities take turns burning effigies of union officials. Today Seven has become number 1 (4 days a week) with its combination of high class Australian and American shows including:

Promo advertising that Sharyn Ghidella will read the news at some stage.
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Station Slogans[edit]

Seven Network has had a number of different slogans which it has used through the years.

  • 2000s: ALWAYS NUMBER 1 (OR 2)


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