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Severnaya is a gigantic ice cube, approximately 200 million square miles in area, which floats in the Sea, north of Sovietistan. It's nearest land mass is the North Pole.

The primary population of Severnaya are born-again fundamentalist Christians, who moved there from across Western Yurp and Africa, to be able to say - legitimately - that they can walk on water. There are also a lot of Penguins.

Severnaya was rocketed to sudden fame by its prime role in the 1965 James Bond movie "The Spy with the Golden Eye".


The ambient temperature of the Severnaya peligro does not vary wildly, ranging from -35 Celsius in Poxtember (the Severnayan new year) through to -33 Celsius at the traditional Severnayan holiday festival of Sprugmasss, held in the eleventh month of the Severnayan calendar, Flentsh.