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“Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing. I wanna get into it, man, you know. Like a, like a sex machine, man, Movin' and doin' it, you know! Can I count it off?”

~ James Brown on Being a sex machine

Sex Machine may frighten you with its Disco K-Tel compilation cover art, but there is absolutely nothing to fear. This six song EP is a flash back to 80’s Electro with a dash of sexual 70’s porn imagery and a bit of David Bowie space-Glam (or at least visually). A self-professed 80’s New Wave star from Montréal, Scott declares his love for you in the intro to "Hi, My Name Is David Scott" and produces some wickedly intricate programming reminiscent of Black Dog and Kenny Larkin/Detroit material with the bleeps, blips, and ass bouncing rhythms. Entirely instrumental except for the retro computer filtered voice on tracks like "Montréal, Ville Nouvelle," David Scott’s material blends punchy 808 kicks with intricate analog synth melodies.

This is by no means the popular Ghetto-Tech Electro coming out of Detroit but a inspiring and soothing nod to the retro sounds that have influenced so much of today’s music. Sex Machine is also a look ahead into the future, a future in which David Scott urges us not to take ourselves too seriously because just when you think one of his tracks is taking a contemplative turn, his kitchy French computer voice thrusts itself in with it’s sexual requests. Scott also features label mate Réno Disco and his 4/4 House version of "Space Truckin'." Hopefully we will get to hear more from David Scott in the future because these six tracks will certainly put you in the mood for more. It may remind the electronic music enthusiast of the genres Kraftwerk-esque roots and a time when sub-genres had no reason to exist.

Album Cover Art

-Justin Hardison

Track Listing[edit]

  • Hi, My Name Is David Scott
  • Electric Condo
  • Montréal, Ville Nouvelle
  • The Man From Space Center 12
  • Space Truckin’ (Réno Disco Mix)
  • Sex Machine

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