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The difference between man and boy is the size of their toy.
Even dogs have them!

Sex toys are toys either for boys or girls. It is not recommended to use toys intended for the opposite sex. Damage or pain can be caused by improper use.

Anthropological Preference[edit]

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Boys' toys may include toy cars and action men, and girls may enjoy a Barbie or a skipping rope.

The toys are generally played with in an effort to reduce stress from childhood. Even though sex toys are commonly used by children in today's society scientists claim that they may promote racist behavior according to the choice of the ethinicity of the barbie doll their parents made on their behalf.

Led paint, fruits, vegetables and alcohol bottles can be utilized by career-conscious peole who are too horny or too busy to find a real sex partner. Cucumbers, bananas, and watermelons are commonly used by Green Peace followers as their favorite sex toys.

Shower heads are also commonly used by females who are trapped in the showers. Kitchen utensils, although not common, are sometimes used for self-stimulation for housewives who are trapped in kitchen work. Carefully do this or you can hurt yourself. Do try this at home. Not outside the home.

Adults Toys[edit]

However, as expected, adults cannot leave a free and open society alone and instead have brought in Popular Mechanics to create more sophisticated orgasmic dildos and vibrating can openers. The Japanese are the most advanced as they have take-away geisha girls that behave like geisha girls. It also comes in different mother tongues and skin color.

Downfall of Sex[edit]

The sex toy industry has created billions of dollars for the manufacturers but at the expense of human interaction itself. That means real sex. Coupled with the advent of Cybersex, Satan has a hard time to force sober, well quenched men to partake in pillaging and raping of women. The Nanking Massacre has also made most men lost their sexual appetite. Thus it is up to the sex industry to reform itself and forward a new bill to the next United Nations conference on the worldwide crisis of dysfunctional erections.

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