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SAY IT THREE TIMES, KIDS: 'Seychelles sells seashells; Seychelles sells seashells; Seychelles sells seashells.”
~ Oscar Wilde

Seashells' offshore banks


Seashells is the single most significant source of seashells ever seen.

  • Some say they sometimes see more seashells wash up on Seashells' several seashores than they see seashells wash up on several seashores elsewhere. Some serious researchers say sunspots certainly cause such a strange situation, but some skeptics say that's silly.
  • Seashells' most successful seashell scavengers are sightseeing tourists selling seashells to shops in some cities like Seattle and San Francisco.

Offshore Banks[edit]

Sadly, these are soaked in the sea and unsuccessful.

Onshore Banks[edit]

Seashells' seashores are the site of several select financial service concerns. Sandy's Seaside Trust is especially successful as is St. Sisyphus & Shakespeare's Self-service Financial Shack which recently celebrated it's sesquicentennial. Special services include short-selling sand dollars and super-secure safe deposit centers.


Foreigners flock to sandy Seashells to savour its famous shellfish cuisine. Favorite foods frequently found are shrimp, shark, sea serpent, salmon and, of course, the Seashells specialty: salted scrambled scallops and scallions in spicy cinnamon sauce with Scotch scones slathered in seaweed.


In 1766, Sicilian scientists in Seashells discovered, scrubbed, and shellacked a scroll with scribbly script and successfully spied some strange stuff about Seashells. Seems some Swedes were seen sailing past Seashells and Seashellian saboteurs sank the Swedish ship and salvaged silk, saddles, sandwiches, scissors, sheep shears, and Hummel figurines.

National Flag[edit]

Seashells is known for their nice national flag, which is frequently flown at official functions. Designed by the Seychellian citizen Sidney "Sledgehammer" Smithson it resembles a rainbow seen after a short shower. Or maybe just an acid trip.

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