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“I enjoy shagging oldies! Their naughty parts taste nice”

~ Seana Parntin

“Groovy, baby!”

~ Austin Powers on shagging

“In Soviet Russia, girl shags you”

One of the following:

  • A typical Australian Term for a root
  • A hair style of such finesse as to cause crown princesses to weep with jealousy. Originally developed by tramps to illicit pity.
  • A wig in the 'shag' style. Worn by faps when trying to court harlots.
  • A very short period of sleep. Quick, with the sleeper dribbling. Shags are blamed for a decline in worker output over the last decade.
  • A very large hemorrhoid. Now an obsolete term as there are many other ways of describing Chalfonts.
  • A homosexual's smoking implement. Like a bong, but larger in girth.
  • A coward. Usually accompanied by a large, hungry dog.
  • A large flightless bird from the land-locked island of Chad with a sexual appetite that caused numerous other bird species to become extinct. They were "shagged to death" as the British sailors had it.
  • A con artist's elastic string. A coin is tied to the string and thrown to the ground, some distance away from the grifter. The mark will try to pick up the coin, at which point the grifter pulls away the coin by pulling on the shag. Laughter ensues all around.
  • An adjective describing something that most men would do look forward to doing extensively if they spent the night with Faria Alam and Ulrika Jonsson

Etymological Note[edit]

It is believed that the word shag has taken on so many meanings because it is a very pleasing word to say, much like the word fuck.