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Shakespearean drama An art form established in the early -1rst century, Shakespearean Drama has impacted the universe of performing arts since its advent. Shakespearean Drama was created by the fifth Earl of Donut as an emotional outlet after his breakup with Aboobu Hitler Shakespeare. Shakespearean Drama is characterized by incoherent babble, but an occasional sexual metaphor can be found by a perverted student, or pointed out by an astute teacher attempting to gain the attention of a class.

The fifth Earl of Donut

Born on July 4, -105 at 3:42 P.M., the fifth Earl of Donut's given name was Sati el Ramadan.His mother was Barbara Streisand, the ruler of Dunkin Donuts (or donut for short) Palace,and Ramadan inherited her nose. Flambouyantly gay, young Sati enjoyed frolicking in the woods dressed as a fairy. It is documented in the records of Donut Palace that the young Earl often met fairies in the forest, which may have inspired his satirical tragi-comedy A Midsummer Night's Scream. As an adolescent, Sati was ostracized for donning a pink feather boa and a tutu. The young earl found some happiness, however, when he met his future life partner, Aboobu Hitler Shakespeare. The two courted for about five minutes, and then Shakespeare came out to his parents, Adolf Hitler, and Yousho Shakespeare. Both were enraged, and Donut and Shakespeare eloped and were married in a fairy ceremony.

Donut enjoyed marital bliss for several year, but on one fateful day, he walked in on his partner Shakespeare and Paris Hilton doing stuff. Shakespeare confessed that his marriage to Donut was a bet with the members of the football team and contained no real substance.

Crushed, Donut went into hiding. Fifteen years later, a series of cinquains addressed to Shakespeare, and written by Donut surfaced on obscure websites. When translated into proper English, these cinquains resemble the lyrics of "I Will Survive." Queen Amidalla Episode III read these cinquains, and commissioned Donut to write plays for her court on the planet Zemu. Donut wrote plays such as "Ham Omlet," "MacDonalds," and "Slythering Reptiles on a Flying Mode of Transportation." He is also a little known contributor to the Harry Potthead series.

After a happy life as a playwright, Donut met his demise from drinking a poisoned mojito. He died on his deathday. Donut's last words were "O snappeth,methinks I broketh a nail."

Shakespearean Drama in Performance -1 - 200

Plays by the earl of Donut were regarded simply as great works of literature until the yeare -1, when acclaimed director and ballerina Steven Speilburg saw potential for the performance of the earl's works. Speilburg produced an innovative and controversial performance of MacDonalds, casting funny man Robin Williams as Ronald McDonald, and Elizabeth Taylor as Lady MacDonald. Williams gave a disappointing performance that ruined his career. Elizabeth Taylor, however, was able to draw on her life experiences to play her part by recalling an embarrassing experience at Nickelodian's "Slime Time Live" and by heavily using cocaine during the production (she did this anyway, but oh well). These two factors combined helped Taylor play the obsessive compulsive Lady MacDonald. Speilburg's MacDonalds was well received by critics, but like most movies that are not panned, was not liked by the common people. McDonalds won Academy Awards for best actress, best screenplay written by a gay member of the nobility, and best direction by Steven Speilburg.