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“We snuk out computers from Clarenceville High School to use for our cheerleading uniform sales records.”

~ Amanda Peetz on Shantel and Sister
DVD cover art

Shantel and Sister is a sitcom about 2 mean girls who sell cheerleading unforms made of tree leaves at an old run-down general store.

Shantel's sister Amanda smuggles away Fidel Castro's valuables so she and Shantel can sell them to raise money to buy nitrous for their Cadillac Buscalade so they can travel across the country at fast speeds to outrun the clumsily slow semi trucks. Meanwhile, Wheely Willy vandalizes the bus with mischevious comments about how much Sanford and Son will find out that they were imitated by the Peetz sisters.

These quotes carved on the bus include:

  • "Do you even know that Sanford and Son are being imitated by your goofy sitcom?"
  • "Sanford and his son have a crush on you two."
  • "Can't catch me, I'm the Willy on Wheels!"

Amanda was former captain of the Cheerleading squad of Havana High School and escaped from Cuba with Fidel Castro's valuables aforementioned in this noteworthy document. She also had an old run-down Ford truck from the 1850's so she could utilize it for homecoming parades. She pulled trailers with homecoming floats and carried a prince and princess, and even a king and queen on the pickup bed where they would travel 69 miles around the track encircling the football field. While Shantel and her sister made trillions of dollars with their illegal business, everyone in Clarenceville and other high school around the nation wore Hawaiian style cheerleading uniforms.

As Amanda escaped from Cuba, she added pontoons and a barge full of gasoline so she could have enough fuel to make it across the Gulf of Mexico to the United States. On the last aired episode, Amanda and Shantel try out the sport stairsliding.


  • Sanford, his son and some Afro American homies from the city of Detroit thought that such a crime-comedy cheerleading show was as halarious as a turd on ice cream.
  • This show was shown on Niggerlodeon to make it seem more racist as it was parodied off of Sanford and Son.
  • The Clarenceville Trojans lost their reputation over computers being stolen by the Peetz sisters, alongside of that fewer people were able to do reverse engineering in Livonia.

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