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The Many Uses of Shat[edit]


The only present you will ever get from Santa (lets face it no one is perfect).


The only form of currency in Djibouti, where not only is it a pleasure to recive Shat from Santa, it is also a blessing.


Ever wonder what that stuff that comes in the cardboard boxes is? Now you know, it is purified shat that becomes porus and white when purified. Thus making it a very good packing material. In such a form it is also used on space shits to absorb heat on entrance to the earths atmosphere.


Shat can be used as a food, sometimes digested through the esophagus by injection, or through the anus by probe.


Closely related to Scat, it is heavily consumed during hurricanes. It is normally eaten in conjunction with Ramen, or some other such easy to make poison.


Other times its edible form can take on many different names, as may be observed from McDonald's standard menu. It is sometimes called:


Many different civilizations have utilized Shat as a very effective form of ammo. Usually used in a catapult or on the end of an arrow and lit on fire. It was utilized as ammo first by the Romans then by the Ancient Egyptians who surprisingly enough were not copying the Romans, but rather copying their Monkey Gods. Other civilizations have since followed suit, not limited to but including:

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