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Looking for Sheep? Go to Australia.

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Sheepeh n.

A puffy, curly and fluffy-haired Jew that is not actually a Jew but a Jew.


from the latin sheepus - sheepy, eh - expression of indifference.

Not a Sheepeh

Short History of, The[edit]

A sheepeh is a sort of wild, misanthropic creature. In fact, forget wild. They play calculator games like Marc the Super-Kid Quest. Sheepeh have fluffy puffy curly Jew Hair, and are mostly seen playing foursquare. There is currently one, and there has never been, or will be another one, simply because it is a nickname given to a person who has fluffy puffy curly Jew Hair. He is teased as having a password "Sheepeh". His full name will not be stated, but common jokes of his will be told. For example, he usually talks about Horse Porn and Killing Jews and Lol. Some common mistakes to understanding a Sheepeh are that he is not Jewish. This creature is Jewish, by race, but not by religion. The result of mentioning this word to him (religion) is that it will cause your head to asplode. You have been warned. But if you're emo and want to die, then feel free to say religion to him.

Possibly a Sheepeh

Mathematical Definition[edit]

Recently, Chuck Norris, a professor of mathematics and pornography at Cambridge University, devised an expression accurately representing the genetic, behavioural and flavoursome properties of the Sheepeh. It is defined thus:

Or, more succinctly:

Sheepeh is equal to the product of the square root of the cube of the xkcd number to the power of xkcd, all over Eh multiplied by the square root of the sum (infinity times) of pi times nine q and a half all multiplied by the square root of a sheep divided by a jew multiplied by the ratio between a russian reversal and a shifty russian plus the square root of the square root of negative one plus curly hair divided by jewish hair all to the power of omnibubbles, all over the inverse of fluffeh. The result of this operation is then multiplied by the normal (or gaussian) distribution multiplied by a 4 dimensional vector containing x times y multiplied by nine q and a half, the cosine of a random number, a sheep and pi in the x, y, z and w components respectively. The result of the scalar mulitplication is a 4-component vector, which when integrated between Eh and Sheep equates roughly to the value of Sheepeh. *universe asplodes*.

What happens when you say religion to Sheepeh

Coined Expressions[edit]

"nyeh" - expression of anything
"waa waaa waaaaa WAAAA WAAAAAAA" - Sheepeh ringtone that will be the next Crazy Frog.

Mating Habits[edit]

Sheepeh has been known to sniff out potential female sheepeh, or as he has dubbed them, "Youse", with whom he desires "hot action". Just what this "hot action" is, he doesn't yet quite know, but he has sensed it within mounting distance each year after the social.


Sheepeh has managed to concoct a language of his own, mostly by mumbling incoherently. This has readily evolved into a simple, yet effective and slightly humorous language. Here, we teach you how to speak Sheepeh, or if you must, SheepSpeak.
Please follow the following rules. Failure to do so will result in heads to asplode all at once.
Rule #1
The word "Gimmeh" (as opposed to "Gimme") must, and we repeat, MUST, be placed at the front of every sentence.

Rule #2
To form verbs, place the infinitive of the verb without 'to' after "Gimmeh". For example, to say, "I would like to eat" say "Gimmeh eat".

Rule #3
To form nouns, place a "Gimmeh" after the first "Gimmeh" and then a noun. For example, "I want a hamburger" becomes "Gimmeh Gimmeh hamburger".

Rule #4
With direct and indirect object pronouns, place a "-" followed by the pronoun. E.g. "He wants to play" is "Gimmeh play-he".
EXCEPTION: With "you" or the imperative, it is a bit different. "Shut Up" becomes "Gimmeh YOU Shutup"
If you have TWO pronouns, this is more tricky. The indirect comes after "Gimmeh", not forgetting the "-", and the direct after the verb. So "He teaches them" is turned into "Gimmeh-them Teach-he"

Rule #5
Tenses: add the tense, with a "-" to the very end of the sentence. Thus, "I watched TV" is "Gimmeh-TV watch-past" and "I wil watch TV" is "Gimmeh-TV watch-future".

Rule #6
Any word may be dynamically substituted with the pluperfect past participle parked palliteration, i.e. "Gimmeh-TV watch-past" to "Gimmeh Gimmeh TV Gimmeh Gimmeh Gimmeh".

Rule #6 Again
Do NOT, under ANY conditions, implement russian reversal. IT'S OLD. WE GET IT.

With these simple rules in hand, you can now blend into Paris, or more usefully, Sheepeh's native home, LOL.


To find out more, go to where this strange creature has started a blog.

Russian Reversal[edit]

In Soviet Russia, sentence reverses you! Relevant! Go to the blog!

In Soviet Russia, sheepeh sheeps sheepeh! *universe asplodes*

Roses are red,
Violets are blue
In Soviet Russia,
Poems write you.

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