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So how did a freak lady give birth to a cat you ask, well whywhywhy hears you. Well it all started on Christmas Eve 1986, when Jeb Bush got pretty drunk off the old Kool-Aid. Anywho, so Jeb and Hitler disided to go to Time Square to see the the Ball Drop, 'sept it was the wrong day. Instead all they found was a long line of cheap hookers. Jeb emidiatly dropped his pants, Hitler did likewise. The two men set out to fuck 100 whores each. However Catman, a rich guy who had fallen into a vat of acid, witch transformed him into a cat every full moon, jumped into the midst of the orgy. However, Catman was slane in the fray, after only passing on his seed to one woman, the woman this article is aboot, Shes. Later that day, Shes gave birth to Catman, in a freak re-animation that could only have been designed by DC. Catman then re-impregnated his (then) wife. On the 32 of Febuary 1987, Shes gave birth to a Tabby Cat, named Taby. Shes died in the proccess. There is a memorial to her in the middle of Tenimen square.

Musical Memorials[edit]

Due to Shes all around genral coolness factor before death, many bands created songs about her after hearing about her death:

Shes as cold as ice - Foreigner
Shes a lady - Tom Jones
Shes a maneater - Hall And Oates
Shes so Cold - The Rollings Stones
Shes - Ryan Cabrera
Shes back - Westlife
Shes Gangsta - Thicke
Shes Got the Part - Usher
Shes Freaky - Pitbull
Shes no you - Jesse McArtney
Shes A Fool - Lesley Gore
Shes A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones
Shes A Woman - The Beatles

Kases where beastilty is kool[edit]

  • Barney humping George Bush leg.
  • Star Trek Alien Sex.(Vulcan "live long and prospersine")
  • Gremlin blood orgies