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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Shit?

Shift: The Mediocre Key[edit]

Spawned by the rubbing of Tab and Enter, the shift key is to the keyboard what every average graded, slightly overweight and semi-disformed middle child is to a normal family. Not only this, it whores itself out to large numbers of people, practically begging them to touch it. (admit have!)

Shift In Modern Culture[edit]

Its pathetic sluttery aside, Shift has made its way into many a cultural phenomenon as the inspiration for many characters, such as: Harry Potter (before he was 'cool') Peter Pan (aged 45...spending that much time with kids, whilst flamboyantly prancing in tights just isn't cool) Patrick (spongebob squarepants) Shifty the drug peddler (of Lord of The Rings fame)

Rivalry With Right Shift[edit]

Shift has always had trouble with his 'right' counterpart, who has just always come across as a cooler way to put capitals in stuff. you know? (of course not)