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Typical Children-show-raping sick fuckery.

Sick fuckery is a form of internet sin to normal people AKA "moralfags" but to the saviors of the internet AKA "chanfags", "trolls", "Japanese", It is considered a virtue and should be practiced regularly. Despite some forms of sick-fuckery should be avoided at all costs due to the intense faggotry it causes (e.g. furfaggotry, bestiality, deviantart fetishism), greater forms of sick-fuckery are an excellent trolling measure especially against "family-friendly sites" who used to contain porn sites in their servers, sites which dehumanize practically any form of franchise known to man, Sites which worship intense forms of faggotry as gods, sites which autists exist, and finally nearly any brony or furry site. However you might be considered a form of faggotry yourself and thus it must be used with care.

Forms of sick-fuckery[edit]

anthromorphizing a virtual duck pokemon represents a true sick fuck of the finest quality. However, this is pretty tame compared with what you will soon witness in this article.
The most divine form of furfag evoloution. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?????

Just like the faggotry it causes sick fuckery has many forms which exist on the internet. if you have at least 5 kinds of these pictures in your fap folder (or you draw them yourself), you are truly a sick fuck of the worst kind.

  • Furry porn. This includes any form of anthromorphic animal seen in kid's shows, rainbow ponies from the show My little pony : Friendship is magic, and most kinds of pokemon. If you actually fapped to any one of these, You will be worshipped by at least 600000 other sick fucks. You will get your own dildo based on the furry/pony/pokemon you fap to which is manufactured by fellow sick fucks like zeta toy, as well as loss of human status.
  • Inanimate object fucking. This can arrange from tame shit like goo girls to extreme forms of dehumanizing pleasures. When this gets tame you draw slimes having sex with each other; this can go to the point of drawing anthromorphic pizzas and when it gets uncureable, you can actually go drawing bread fucking butter.
This can actually happen when lust for inanimate objects had reached second degree.
Unfortunately if you had went to a degree that you fap to this, we have some bad news for you.
  • Bestiality. DO NOT confuse this with furfaggotry, they are somehow different. Furries draw anthromorphic animals fucking each other and are completely dehumanizing, but bestiality fetishists draw animals/pokemon/ponies/baby dragons masturbating or getting fucked by unknown cocks. These people are 100 times more impure and dehumanizing than furries considering that they will ruin anything they touch without an exception and they have a high tendency to go as far as to pedophillia. However, their pictures are usually so disgusting that they can be used to troll Deviantart and other sites in denial of their sick fuckery.
  • Demon fetish. And no, you are not hallunicating with datura. This is not to be confused with succubus fetishes, but is a form of intense sick fuckery that will usually enrage any religionfag without an exception. Usually the demons involved are dickgirls, making people who indulge themselves in such sick fuckery truly the sickest of fucks. Unfortunately, most of them tend to be christians, which also means that humanity is truly hopeless.
  • Scat fetish. Now the fun part begins! This means getting sexually stimulated when you see girls being covered in poo, shitting or eating shit. Normal humans will usually explode like the vic viper ramming onto a wall at this point. If you did not but instead have a boner, congratulations, you will be eaten by Fisher price according to the traditional saying "go eat shit fuckers"-and you deserved it for such a dreadful being.
  • Fetish for body mutilation, A.K.A. Guro. Worse than scat, if you fap to this just fucking kill yourself and don't reveal yourself onto the internet anymore.
  • Inventing your own fetish. When sick fucks have nothing to fap to, or their sick fuckery has broke human limits, they start to invent strange fetishes, like goo furries or living tits. This makes them even difficult to deal with as a slight glance of their deviantART or pixiv userpage can cause total eye rape.



  • Causing Faggotry. Faggotry is extremely prominent since the eternal september and you are simply making things worse by fapping anything in the fandom you see, regardless of standard human limits. This also brings ruinination as described below.
A fandom that a sick fuck unleashes his wrath on.
  • Causing ruinination. Sick fucks, especially in massive numbers, can destroy a fandom completely as if a giant furry with a cock as large as it's body rampaged over new york. They are also the prime cause of ruinination of the internet as they rape any franchise they see no matter how family-friendly it is supposed to be. If you make a franchise, some sick fuck will find it and bastardize it.
  • Your parents will find it out and they will pwn your ass.This is the least of your worries as you can dodge IRL detection completely and they will not know about it at all. In fact anybody trying to stop a sick fuck on the prowl is a fool of the greatest degree.


  • Greater forms of sick fuckery can be used to destroy family friendly sites and and most sick fuckery related faggotry. For example, posting furry guro in 9gag will cause it's main audience (12 year olds) to writhe in fire as the internet quit them. Another example is scat porn and pain series can be used to exorcise faggotry hives such as DeviantART. However, make sure that the faggotry can't stand against your shit or it won't work. Who would want to spam gurochan with pony rule 34?
  • You will have a lot of friends in hives where sick fucks exist (like pixiv) as your "friends" aren't human like you.


the final soloution
  • If you happen to see a sick fuck on the prowl, make no attempt to stop it or report it as They will stop you first and you can get banned as local admins enable sick fucks in their faggotry. Instead, perform a mass suicidal attack on the site with bots and spam up the entire comments section of the sick fucks and his legion of butt-fuckers. Don't forget to post some hate art as well.
  • If you happen to be in a faggotry hive where many sick fucks exist, make lots of sockpuppets and start spamming the boards a day later, preferably with higher levels of sick fuckery. Don't forget to take a lot of screencaps.
  • If you happen to be a sick fuck yourself, just Fucking kill yourself and make the best to stop yourself from reincarnating as a human. If you happen to remain in this world as a human you are just leading humanity into it's demise.

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