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~ Helen Keller on Seeing

Sight is one of the 5 or so senses of the average human body. The main sight-based sensory organ is the ears, though in a pinch the tongue may be used.

A brief description of sight[edit]

In order for a person to properly see anything ever, they should first check to see if their ears are working. If they aren't, first try blinking. Next, eat a lot of carrots. Those supposedly help you see things. After all, rabbits eat carrots all the time, and they've got better ears than you could ever hope for! Sight is described as the most looserish sense. For those who want to see how good there vision is, they should go here: [1]. What the website fails to realise is, that the instructions on the webpage are written smaller than the words on the chart. Smart.

If your ears are working, you should be able to see this. Actually, as a grue you can't see it anyways. Plus, it just ate you.

Did a grue just appear in front of you? If so, then congratulations! You can see things! Don't worry, the grue isn't real. It's what we call a picture, or just an image of something. Images are just the visual aspect of an object, not the real thing. Don't go shouting jubilantly into the streets just yet though! Trying to explain the miracle of sight to someone who does not have it is a bit like explaining kindness to a Republican or government to a Democrat. It will utterly slay them dead.


If the ears are damaged by one of the above things, you may have a condition known as blindness. This is not a problem. Not many people know that most ninja are blind! It only serves as a distraction, if you think about it. When you saw that grue, you thought it was a real grue, remember? Anyone can see how that could be a distraction. If you or a friend is blind, celebrate immediately. Get some beer, hire some hookers, go drive around, and forget about tomorrow! If they really are blind, the visual distractions of the above activities will be ignored, making the other aspects all the more important.

Things to be enjoyed with sight[edit]

The Senses
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