Signs of Anti-Semitism

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A Jewish spaceship.

Signs of Anti-Semitism is a 2002 movie staring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. It was extremely successful at the box office and was one of the highest grossing films of 2002. Although it was highly successful at the box office it was criticised as being anti-semitic as well as too scary for its PG-13 rating.

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Signs of Anti-Semitism
Always with a twist for us...or?...not?...but?
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Written by M. Night Shyamalan
Starring Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix
Produced by M. Night Shyamalan
Distributed by Buena Twista Twisternational
Release date August 2, 2002
Runtime 106 minutes
Language English
Budget Too much
IMDb page
Graham warns his family as the Jews attempt to break into the home

Mel Gibson plays Graham Hess, a minister and a pig farmer who lost his faith after his wife was killed by a Jewish rabbi in a car crash. He believes that the Jews are out to destroy the planet but has no way of proving it. Graham continues living on the family pig farm raising their two kids Bo and Morgan after his wife's death. Graham's brother Merrill moves in to help Graham with the kids. Graham's kids are a strange pair. The oldest, Morgan, was born without any foreskin and the youngest, Bo, has an aversion to bacon grease and pours it into glasses that she leaves lying all around the house or wherever she happens to be. The movie begins six months after Graham's wife is killed. He is having a hard time coming to terms with her death and tries to make sense of her nonsensical last words which were to tell Merrill to crucify any Jews who try to break into the house. Shortly after the movie begins Graham and Merrill notice crop circles shaped like the Star of David in their cornfield. They first think its Lionel Richie and the Wolfowitz brothers but eventually more crop circles show up all over the world, much too elabourate to be a hoax. Officer Carol tells Graham that it is unlikely that Lionel Ritchie, Paul Wolfowitz, and his brother Wolf Blitzer could make such intricate crop designs. She remarks that they can't take a piss without wetting the front of their pants.

Later on in the film more strange things begin to occur on the Hess farm. Graham finds that several of his pigs have been slaughtered. Apparently whoever did this doesn't like pork. Graham attempts to distract his family by taking them into town. Merrill attempts to calm the children down, telling them that the crop circles are done by a bunch of nerds who are pathetic virgins that will never sleep with a woman. Graham later sees three men with long beards and skullcaps on his barn. Graham and Merrill chase the intruders off but are they take off into the cornfield and manage to evade capture.

After Graham and the family return back from town, Morgan hears some people speaking a foreign tongue on Bo's baby monitor. He climbs up on the car to get a stronger signal and it sounds like there are two individuals speaking Hebrew on the monitor.

The Jewish invasion is confirmed one day after Graham leaves the house for a few hours, Merrill sees a Jew emerge from the bushes on a newsreport taken at a Bah Mitzvah. This is considered to be the scariest part of the movie due to the Jew's sudden appearence.

Graham arrives at his friend Ray Ramano's house. Ray tells Graham not to go into the kitchen that he locked one of them in there. He also tells Graham that he is going to the Mosque. Ray says that none of the crop circles have been found near Muslims, he suspects that the Jews don't like Muslims. Graham enters Ray's house and finds a Jew locked in the pantry. He tries to communicate with the Jew and then uses a knife to attempt to see a reflection. When a clawed hand reaches out for him, Graham cuts off two of the intruders fingers.

Graham returns home and asks if the family would like to go the mosque like Ray supposed or if they would like to stay home. Graham wants to go to the mosque but the rest of the family votes to stay home. They board up all of the windows and doors and after supper they make their way into the family room. Soon after Jews can be heard running around outside the house. Merrill now realizes he forgot to board up the attic and the Jews can now be heard inside the house. The family makes their way down to the basement and wedge the door shut with an axe.

Eventually the Jews stop pounding on the door. The next morning Merril listens to the radio and learns that the Jews took off suddenly the previous evening because their weakness had been discovered but before they were defeated a lot of people had been circumsized. The Jews took off so fast they left some of their wounded behind.

Merrill takes Bo's baby monitor and hears no Hebrew. Graham and Merrill agree that it is proof enough for them that the Jews have left. Graham leaves Morgan in the living room and goes to grab the TV so Morgan and Bo can watch it, Merrill grabs some beer out of the fridge to celebrate. When Graham returns, a Jew is standing in his living room with Morgan in his arms and a knife in one of his hands. This is how the Jews circumsize people. Morgan has no foreskin so the Jew can't circumsize him (it is against their religion to cut off people's wangs, they can only cut off the foreskin). Graham realizes that the Jew could still try to circumsize him or Merrill though. Graham then has a flashback to his wife's last words to him, she says to tell Merrill to crucify any Jews who break into the house. Graham instructs Merrill to bash the Jew in the head with a base ballbat and then nail him to the large cross in their living room.

Merrill grabs his baseball bat off the wall. It is the bat that Merrill hit a homerun to Mars with. Merril picks up the bat and swings it at the Jew. The Jew falls backwords into a half full glass of bacon grease. The bacon grease lands on the Jew and burns through the Jew's flesh. Merril now realizes this is the Jew's weakness. He grabs the knife out of the Jew's hand and he and Graham nail him to the cross. Once nailed, Graham and Merril continue to throw glasses of bacon grease at him until he dies.

The Jewish invasion allows Graham to regain his faith. He realizes that his wife's crazy last words, his brothers hard swing, Morgan's lack of foreskin, and Bo's aversion to bacon grease were all blessings in disguise. The final scene of the movie shows Graham donning the reverents collar, presumably getting ready for church with his family, but possibly in preparation to fight his new enemy, the Ulster Unionists.



  • Joaquin Phoenix who played Merrill is actually Jewish in real life
  • The reason pork is forbidden by Jewish people is because their bodies are not able to chemically withstand it. Phoenix is able to somewhat tolerate it because he does have some non-Jewish ancestry.
  • M. Night Shyamalan cameos as a Taxi Driver, 7-11 clerk, cleaner, and international student who has an advanced diploma but can't use it at all and is forced to work shit jobs and run around smelling of garlic, to ward off vampires.

Funny moments[edit]

  • The day before the invasion, Graham and Merrill are sitting on the couch. Merrill believes that someone is out there watching out for them. Merrill tells a story about when he had a smoking hot 19 year old girl in his bedroom, he was about to go down on her and then realized he had gum in his mouth, he turned around to take the gum out and stick it under a dresser. When he turned around, the girl started her rag, it was all over the bed. Merril remarks if he hadn't have taken his gum out, he would have went down on her when she had her period. It would have scarred him for life, he may never have recovered. He says that he is Miracle Man and believes Miracles do happen
  • When the family is hiding in the basement from the Jews, Merrill uses some cans of ragu to block the enterence, very effective. The funny part is when he puts a giant sandbag at the very top, like it will make a difference. A small can of ragu is a far more effective barrier than a sixty pound bag of sand.


Although Signs of Anti-Semitism was a huge hit at the box office, it was criticisized by the Jewish community. It portrayed Jews as ruthless and obsessed with circumsizing people. Jewish officials were also upset that their fatal weakness to pork has been revealed. Despite the fact that his father is a Holocaust denier and Gibson has said on record that Jews start all the wars, Gibson insists he is not anti-semitic. He points to the fact that he allowed Phoenix to co-star in the movie as proof of his non-anti-semitism.

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