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“One day those nerds will be working for me Muwahahaha”

~ Oscar Wilde on Silicon Valley

“Silicon Valley? I thought this was the Santa Clara Valley.”

~ M.V.H.S. Student on Silicon Valley

“Silly Nerds Computers are for Bill Gates”

~ Los Altos High School on Silicon Valley

“Who got the word Silicon Valley? We should still be named after our great city and high school; Santa Calra”

~ Santa Clara High School Student on Silicon Valley

“Wow What A View”

~ Grace Jones on Silicon Valley


“To A Kill”

~ Christopher Walken on Silicon Valley

Silicone Valley, often misspelled as Silicon Valley or Silly-Cone Valley, is a place where many IT people come for eternal salvation.


Silicone Valley was once called Silicone Hills. This place became famous because the breast implants were first discovered by Albert Einstein in 1954, during one of his many forays to his favourite thinking spot in the world at the time - the valley known back then as Silicone Hills.

It is also the alias for the Strahinjica Bana street in Belgrade, which is a hunting ground for silicon enchanced females posing as hunters, and prime males with bagloads of money acting as the prey. This phenomena becomes more widespread every day, and in the future will replace all other mating rituales.

"We will build a theme park, even if it means that I will have to live in a pineapple under the sea." - Governor SpongeBob Reagan

In order to attract tourists and old people, Governor SpongeBob Reagan ordered Silicone Hills to be renamed Silicone Valley and in 19$1 (see the 19$0s), stole a new invention he called SPace Mountain from the Disneyland Confederation. However, with even greater ideas, SpongeBob Reagan built an even greater monstrosity called Disney World.

Mike Hunt, a resident of Silicon Valley, is shown above working at his desk job in the IT department.

Constuction began in Romania, but after being unavailable to find Romania, he relocated Disney World to Florida and made the Tree of Death the centerpiece of his new Empire. For this great effort, he was appointed President in 19$9 by the people of Florida as a way of saying "thank you" for all the tourists and old people that Disney World brought to their fair country.

Modern Thymes[edit]

Today, Silicone Valley has become the hub of modern slave labor. With new blood being sucked into Silicone Valley each year, the prospects for this small community seem endless.