Simon And Grandfunkel

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Simon And Grandfunkel is the second studio album by folk rockers Simon and Garfunkel. It was an attempt at exploring music such as rap and funk, genres the duo would, thankfully, never return too.


Track Listing[edit]

  • 1. Yeah, YO, lets turn this shit up!
  • 2. You Honkies Gots Nothin On Grandfunkel
  • 3. Grandfunkel Railroad
  • 4. April Comes, She Better, Cause The Grand Needs Tee CHOCOLATE!
  • 5. Feelin' Frisky
  • 6. I Wanna Piss On You
  • 7. Wanna Poop On You Too
  • 8. Bling
  • 9. Ma Fro Is On Fire!
  • 10. I Need Some Cocaine
  • 11. Kathy's Bootylicious Song