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Realhomer.jpg SImpsonssexy.jpg First-appearance-of-homer-simpson.jpg Fry Coffee.jpg Futurama Skyline.png Homerbuster.jpg Hero.jpg AngryHomer.jpg Doh.jpg Bart allworkandnoplay.png The Simpsons recorded your. Futurama and Rick and Morty. futurana futurami futuramy futuramo futama futurampsons amarutuf ryck amd norti fu7ur4m4 futur4m4 fu7u24m4 rorroh fo esuoheert lindalirious foutourahmah phuturama fatarumu ftrm bender fry leela zoidberg itchy and scratchy ytchi and scratchi yhctarcs dna yhcti 1tchy 4nd scr4tchy 1tchy 4nd 5cr4tchy r1ck 4nd m0rty bring me eggs only eggs sustain me newtrailersbuzz gsmaestro.

  • My wife is Barney now.
  • Why aren't I sad?
  • What is my character arc in this episode?
  • Marge.
  • Marge, I have no character arc! Marge!
  • Mmmm
  • I am your character arc!
  • You better get one! Mmmmmmmm
  • I will love you forever
  • Forever
  • I am your wife
  • B-But Marge!
  • No butts
  • Bring me head of pig
  • Bring me eggs
  • Only eggs can sustain me

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