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Simulations have plagued mankind since the beginning of time; the human brain constantly interrupts our perceived reality with the simulated menace. Some people claim that this is a result of Google's latest hive-mind technology, but most people believe it is actually a by-product of the small New Zealand corporation 'telecom' which has been consecutively eliminating reality from the minds of New Zealand’s sentient bird population. Even more people claim that they created the simulations themselves, but these people are wrong and it should be automatically assumed that they are simulated and have no real basis in constructed reality. You follow?

Where can I find a simulation for myself?

Really? You want to find one? Ok look… right there in front of you… what you see is a simulation. Do you think that screen is really as you see it? NO!!! The screen is a simulation constructed by your brain (so long as it runs on Human 4.3). In the real world, which none of us can see anyway, reality is not material, it is not…ah… timerial or unrealrial either, it is less of the first but more of the last, hardly any of the middle, so its safe to assume that if you take equal amounts of time, unreality (or ir-eality) and material, you would quickly gain access to the only piece of reality that has not yet been affected by a simulation. This is interesting because very few people realize it was a Fox that achieved the splitting of a simulated molecule first, not a badger.