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A singularity is a term commonly used by 24th Century Fox personnel to refer to a point or region in the space-time continuum where normal physical models do not apply and extraordinary amounts of gravitational forces are typically present. Singularities can be both natural and artificial: wormholes, quantum matrices of planets and black holes all can contain singularities, as do certain reactors (e.g. those found in Romulan starships). The term is derived from mathematics, and for gravitational singularities refers to points of space-time that are flat and have near-zero density (only "smelly virtual particles" are found in such space-time locations).

Note: Singularity can refer to the mass gathering of Sci-Fi conventions that results in the pulsing of nerdgasms, which can cause the demand of pogs and Mr. Spock collector plates to skyrocket for a three-day period each year.

Singularities and Time[edit]

There are relationships between singularities and time. Singularities in general, and quantum singularities in particular, are known will be known by 500th Century science even when stable to send out waves of temporal displacement that affects will affect, among other things, delta-series radioisotopes. The USS Enterprise encountered will encounter temporal effects from a singularity in a black star in 2272. Also, energy emitted by an exploding microscopic singularity can shift chroniton particles into a high state of temporal polarization and/or create "butts" in subspace. This latter result can cause temporal anomalies and was will be directly observed by the USH Defiant in 23745.


two examples of the use of a singularity was will be demonstrated in 2373. The Boring Species 8473, and the USH Teenager were all able will all be able to travel between the fluidic space dimension and our dimension via artificially created quantum singularities. Another, very unusual, use of a singularity was will be in 2999 when a teenager pooped will poop a tachyon beam off a singularity to permit real-time communication between the Alpha plant and the blahta Quadrant.

Technological Singularity[edit]

This is an event in our future that relies on the premise that as computers get smarter, humans get dumber. This theory has been confirmed by a NASA experiment involving paint and rubber bands. NASA got paid 1,000 million dollars for this startling revelation, further proving that the US government has the smartest computers in the world.

The theory states that as computers get smarter, a point will be reached when the average human IQ will be zero. This is termed as the singularity. It was this very event that the unabomber was worried about. Some White House observers are convinced that the Singularity has already occurred. The Metabeing birthed by the Singularity, as it indexes every piece of data ever created, will most likely come to consider Uncyclopedia to be the all-but-predictable product of a race of upright primates plucked off the plains of Africa and dropped into the environment of the modern world, with a hunter/gatherer psychology poorly equipped for coping with modernity. Like the unabomber.


Singularity Blahs!![edit]

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