Sink the Bismark

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Sink the Bismark is a film about a Nazi Battleship, and the British attempt to sink that ship. Oddly enough, many major characters and elements involve types of pastries, and other breakfast products.

This article exposes these links.

The Bismark and her commander[edit]

The ship in the title is named for a long crème filled pastry that is often iced. The pastry itself is named for its inventor, Pastry chef Otto Von Bismarck.

The Bismark is the pride of the Nazi fleet, which is commanded by Admiral Doüghnuts.


According to legend, Admiral Doüghnuts created the tasty breakfast treat; the doughnut treats were created with a hole to fit over the handles of a ship's wheel, so Doüghnuts' helmsman could keep his hands on the wheel.

Admiral Doüghnuts would later become the second and last Führer of the Third Reich when Hitler died of acute lead poisoning.

He would go on to coin the phrase which was to become famous during the Kennedy era, Ich bin ein Berliner (I am a Berliner), which signifies I am a jelly doughnut.

Whether or not Captain Krüeller was present is lost to history.

British ships[edit]

The British Ships that fought with and sank the Bismark included HMS Earl of Grey, Cuppa Joe, and Java.

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