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Mockup of what the final version of SkyOS will look like

SkyOS (formerly: Windows RG) is the code name for a secret U.S. government project destined to help the current president grow facial hair. Coincidentally, it can also be used as an operating system on toasters, grenade launchers, stray cats, the Death Star, your mom, and personal computers. In Finnish, "SkyOS" means "sexual escapade", which is a clever marketing strategy.


SkyOS Inc. was founded in 1976 by Emperor Robert Szeleney (The One), who may or may not be related to Cthulhu (conspiracy theorists politely ask you to note the phonetic resemblance). It has also been speculated that SkyOS may have founded Szeleney in Soviet Russia, as absolutely nothing is known about Szeleney, which encourages speculation, which, in turn, adds more noise to the speculative nothingness that is the knowledge about Robert Szeleney. You decide.

SkyOS then continued to blossom into the versatile tool that it is today. Nonetheless, it's still in beta.

License controversy[edit]

Because of SkyOS' pay and fuck off philosophy, it has to cope with criticism from some people, GPL zealots, the general public and Chuck Norris. It is generally accepted that SkyOS takes everything and offers nothing in return. SkyOS is closed source, overwrites your MBR with garbage and/or eats your first-born. SkyOS officials say that all of these problems and a huge amount of bugs and crashes (of which an even bigger amount has yet to be created) will be fixed for the final release.


According to rumors, the final version will have CD burning and USB support.