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Slaughter film poster
Directed by Vidar T. Aune
Produced by Karoline Kirkeby
Starring Jo Even Bjørke
Birthe Wahlstrøm
Alexander Strand
Vidar Aune
Music by Charlie Clouser
Editing by Sigvart Hovland
Distributed by Retrofish Productions
Release date(s) January, 2007
Running time 8.5 min.
Country Norway
Language English
Budget $10 (estimated)
Followed by Slaughter II

Tagline: The ultimate experience in grueling horror.

Slaughter is a 2007 short 8 and a half-minute film by Retrofish Productions. It was created as a schoolproject and rated R for brutal scenes of torture and violence, explicit language and gore. Due to the graphic nature of this film, its showing has been restricted. The filming locations were at the Ringve Videregående Skole. If you see this movie alone, you turn into stone... or do you?


The film begins with a mentally retarded boy being bullied by a gang of bullies. Later, one of the bullies is kidnapped and brought to a room. He is strapped to a chair, tortured and beaten, but manages to free himself and stab the kidnapper. He and a girl escapes, but it turns out the kidnapper survived and sneaks up behind them. The film ends when he is about to kill them. The credits roll accompanied by "Die Motherfucker Die" by Dope.


Both students and teachers at Ringve Videregående Skole were disgusted by the film.

Possible sequel[edit]

It has been stated through multiple sources that it will be a sequel to the blockbuster Slaughter. Simen Østby will be director of photography and assistent director once again. Alexander Strand is the only confirmed actor, who will return as the estranged and mentally retarded boy. The film is said to have more "character stuff" than the first film, and a tremendous ending.


  • There were several rumors about the plot. One source say the film was originally going to portray Pia Skog and Fredrik Myklebust as two bald, child-kidnapping, disfigured and disease-spreading cannibals. The idea was scrapped as the writers thought it was too funny.
  • On the official Slaughter fan page, Vidar Aune says: "Jo Even Bjørke, the first day he shows up, he says, ‘I don't even know what I'm going to do.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, just do something and scream in agony’. We yell ‘action’ and all of a sudden he started improvising and it was gold. It was like the best stuff I’d ever seen and he’s insane."
  • Real meat is used for gore.
  • When the boy is about to be tortured by the kidnapper, all he’s quotes are improvised.
  • The bullies in the kidnapper’s flashback were all students on Ringve Media.
  • Vidar T. Aune got the idea for the sequel while filming this film, but kept it a secret. Now it's not a secret anymore.
  • At the test screening, it was revealed that the the teachers had given the film an R rating and that they would have to figure out whether or not to cut the film.
  • The creators considered using "Flashdance - What a feeling" for the torture scene, but scrapped the idea as the editors was disgusted and refused to do any more editing, unless the song was removed.


Actor Role
Jo Even Bjørke Boy
Birte Wahlstrøm Girl
Vidar Aune The Kidnapper
Alexander Strand Retarded boy
Sigvart Hovland Corpse