Slaughter II

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Slaughter II

Slaughter II film poster
Directed by Vidar T. Aune
Produced by Simen Østby
Written by Vidar T. Aune
Sigvart Hovland
Starring To be announced
Music by Nathan Barr
Kenji Kawai
Charlie Clouser
Cinematography Vidar T. Aune
Editing by Sigvart Hovland
Distributed by Retrofish Productions
Release date(s) Winter, 2007
Running time To be announced
Country Norway
Language English
Budget $20 (estimated)
Preceded by Slaughter

Taglines: The bodycount continues...

Slaughter II is an upcoming horror/slasher film scheduled to be released in winter 2007. The film will be directed by Vidar T. Aune alongside with co-creator Simen Østby and Sigvart Hovland as executive producer. It has been stated that 90% of the crew from the last movie will be back.

The only confirmed actors for the film are Alexander Strand, who will reprise his role as Willy Lane, also known as the mentally retarded boy and Sigvart Hovland as a corpse.

When asked when Slaughter II was planned, Simen Østby replied, "When we was filming the first movie. It’s become kind of a tradition now. I don’t think it’s been greenlit, it’s just like we keep going. But definitely when the movie came out and did well, I think then that solidified it that they were 100% doing a sequel."

If there's one thing Retrofish Productions is known for, it's the mad marketing skills where their flicks are concerned. Needless to say, the promotional goodies for the Slaughter sequel are no exception.

The film will be rated R for strong disturbing content, grisly violence, alcohol, gory scenes of torture, explicit language, disturbing images, brief nudity, drug content and sexual references.


Retrofish Productions released the following plot summary for the film:

“Following the events of the first film, four teenagers invites a mentally retarded boy to a party. But when things turn sour, they are about to experience the worst night of their life...”

Official statements have revealed that the film will explore several plot elements relating to the character "The Kidnapper", who was also confirmed by Østby to be back.

The people at Sooz Design revealed: "Slaughter II is suspenseful and scary, and it has such a good storyline. The guys at Retrofish Productions had such a good idea. We were playing around with different storylines, and Vidar Aune called me up and he goes, 'You're not going to believe this.' And I was like, 'Oh my God.' We got so excited."

On September 16th, a spokesperson for Retrofish Productions revealed: "There is a lot of things going on this time. Sigvart insisted on bringing back a new group of stupid teenagers. There are five teenagers who are going to suffer this time, and that means more blood and suspense. As for the kidnapper, he will have a new look, and, he may sing a little".

On October 4th, more information was released at a website.

“ Some unanswered questions from the first movie will be answered, such as the fate of the boy and the girl. The identity of the kidnapper WILL be answered in a tremendous ending. ”

The Characters[edit]

The Killer is tall, considerably above 6 feet tall. He is generally depicted in boilersuit coverall worn by automobile mechanics. He also wears a gasmask or a surgical mask before murder with very few exceptions. He never runs no matter how fast his victims run when he pursues them. While he is mute, he seems to understand what people say to him. There have been brief glimpses of hesitation or even remorse in him, an example of which was in the first film when he couldn't find Paul and Melissa. He is also very cunning, able to sneak up on intended victims or trick them consistently. All in all he is very much like Jason Voorhees except for the fact that The Kidnapper seems to understand things, as well as interpret things as a thinker, and tends to have unique ways of taking out victims, as opposed to Jason Voorhees, who seems to only brutalize, not think and kill.

Kevin Anderson is the protagonist in Slaughter II. He is discribed as being a smart, but unsecure teenager. He is really a good kid, but has some very bad friends.

Jenny Coltrane is Willy's love interest and Kevin's best friend. She hates Franky, but hangs out with him anyway. She doesn't want Willy to come to her party in the first place, and when he dies, she freaks out and run.

Willy Lane is a mentally retarded boy, often seen trying to lift things from the ground. He appeared in the first film, and is confirmed to be back for Slaughter II, with a much more important role. Sigvart Hovland said: "You'll find out that Willy Lane is very important and has something to do with the teenagers being murdered, not just because he's the one being beaten up... But because he is the main reason. I don't want to spoil too much, but there's a lot more to discover involving his character". Director Vidar T. Aune said Alexander Strand was one of the nicest actors he'd ever worked with, and unsurprisingly, Strand's character of Willy Lane returns in Slaughter II.

Johnny McKane is a character who will appear in Slaughter II. He is disfranchised from the world and expelled from school, due to his violent and crude behaviour. His best friend is Troy Nelville.

Troy Nelville is a teenage bully and a good friend of Franky. They are like brothers, but Troy easily freaks out.

The Dead Boy was the main character in the first film. He appeared to be a bully and was later kidnapped and tortured by the antagonist. He managed to escape with the girl, but was later found. His faith remains unknown, but he is said to have a cameo appearance in Slaughter II. Vidar T. Aune said he wanted to bring back Jo Even to portray the character.

The Corpse appeared in the first film. He was seen briefly in the opening scene, beating up Willy Lane. He was later seen on a operation table, being carved by the antagonist. He is played by executive producer Sigvart Hovland, and is said to return in Slaughter II due to his amazing corpse-acting.


Rumours of Willy Lane's return has been confirmed by Aune; "He's very important to the storyline, even though he just had a small part in the first film". Two other lead characters have been confirmed to be "Kevin" and "Jenny", two teenagers who doesn't really know what they want. Another character is "Troy", a handsome bully with cruel intentions. He is disfranchised and expelled from school, reveals Hovland. The film itself is described as having more "character stuff" than the first movie.

Bodybuilder Magnus Kjenstad is considered of portraying the kidnapper in this movie, according to Ringve Media News. Vidar Aune, the actor from the first movie, said: "Kjenstad is very huge and would be perfect for the role".


Actor Role
TBA Kevin
TBA Jenny Coltrane
TBA Troy Nelville
Alexander Strand Willy Lane
TBA Johnny McKane
Magnus Kjenstad (rumoured) The Killer
Sigvart Hovland (in talks) The Corpse
Jo Even Bjørke The Dead Boy


  • Charlie Clouser - Zep Overature
  • Nathan Barr - Reflections
  • Nathan Barr - Escape
  • Kenji Kawai - Dungeon
  • Charlie Clouser - Don't Forget the Rules
  • Charlie Clouser - Hello Zep
  • Hans Zimmer - Hannibal Ending Suite


  • The film was planned while the first film was in production.
  • Editor Sigvart Hovland preferred to make a hardcore porn movie with cows, instead of a sequel to Slaughter. However, after being convinced by Vidar Aune, he changed his mind.
  • Director and actor Martin Brønner have shown interest to the project. A spokesperson for Retrofish Productions revealed that co-writer Vidar Aune wanted Martin Brønner to be executive producer.
  • Sigvart Hovland revealed that some ideas have been scrapped, because assistant director and co-writer Simen Østby wanted more gore and torture, and mentor Fredrik Myklebust wanted more character stuff.