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Listen: Uncyclopedia has come unstuck in time.

The End[edit]

This book was printed on acid-free paper. So it goes.About the author: Kurt Vonnegut lives with his body doubles on the Death Star. So it goes

The Beginning[edit]

“…supposed to go above? Ack, stop messing with my HEAD!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Slaughterhouse-5

Written largely out of order, Slaughterhouse-5 is Kurt Vonnegut's 1,200 page masterpiece on the various different flavors of meat available at his local slaughterhouse. So it goes. It was originally intended as a sequel to the phenominal Baskin-Robbins-31. So it goes

The book is out of order becaue Kurt actually dropped it on the floor of his car heading to the publisher's. So it goes. He tacked an "unstuck in time" notice on the front page and then claimed that the whole book was out of order as a statement.

So it goes.

“Wait, isn't this quote...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Slaughterhouse-5


~ Birds on Slaughterhouse IV


~ Andrew Jackson on Slaughterhouse IV

The Solution[edit]

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