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Zdravei (hi), Slavi, zdravei!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Slavi

“His patriotic songs kept me going.”

~ Vassil Levski on Slavi

“Slavi is big!”

~ Danny DeVito on Slavi


Slavi is a tall and hairless Bulgarian guy that is certainly not trying to copy David Letterman in every single aspect of his show. A former seller of martenitsi (a traditionally Bulgarian cult object, used in honor of the Great Bulgarian Stork), Slavi is proud of being too selfish to get married. Also, the TV host is known for his long and fruitful musical education and his polyglot abilities. He is known as a лош гъз (bad ass).

Slavi was known for his appearance in the humorous political show ‘KuKu’ (a favorite of 8-year olds throughout Bulgaria). However, details will not be given, as it eventually turned out that it was not Slavi participating, but another unsympathetic village boy, who had hair and did not wear glasses. At the end of this dark part of Slavi’s career, the (other) famous gay actor, Kamen Vodenicharov, stated publicly that he is grumpy at Slavi and doesn’t want to be his friend anymore :(((.

Slavi Trifonov in his free time

Singing Career[edit]

Slavi can’t sing. He has recorded hundreds of albums to prove it. Notably, he has had duets with quite a few famous Bulgarian pop icons, such as Gypsy Marinova and singers that he has discovered himself. The reason for the songs’ success is that a combination of a good voice and a weak one sounds good. The topics of Slavi’s songs include himself, his ego, and his personality. Slavi is the original author of the following songs:

Moren Sokol Pie

Nazad Mome Kalino

Requiem for a Bitch

Evil Bastards

Stupid Dick

Slavi at his favorite activity: singing badly

The Show[edit]

Following an old Bulgarian tradition, Slavi’s show begins with the uncoordinated dances of half-naked women. In the next one hour, Slavi spends 55 minutes telling a joke a la Katzi Vaptsarov. During the last five minutes of the show, there is a music competition, divided into three rounds: the competer singing a song of Slavi, the competer singing a song with Slavi, and the competer listering to Slavi singing a song.

Facts about Slavi[edit]

During WWII he was a member of Nazi Party, then he lost all his hair and went to live in a barrel for next few years. Slavi is gay and does not like to mention it.

Friends of Slavi[edit]

His mom

Azis (but he’s a friend of all men)


Enemies of Slavi[edit]

Lili Ivanova

Albena Vulveva

Advertisers of shampoo