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Slavoj Zizek (born March 21, 1947) is a Slovenian male-model, most commonly associated with the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein's Eastern European campaigns.

Born in a border town somewhere between the Real and the Imaginary, Zizek was raised by a Family of Wolves, a Slovenian rock group, famous for their number one hit, 'You, Me and Lycanthropy'.

Although Zizek graduated school with very few qualifications he left with a reputation as a comic genius, having invented the joke (this claim has come under increasing scrutiny by recent scholars who have traced the invention of the joke to his long time rival Jurgan Habermas as far back as 1961, and who now believe the joke may have been invented by Habermas in a West Berlin coffee house). In 1990 he stood successfully as President for the Independent Republic of Castle Bromwich, near Birmingham, England, England. One of his first decisions was to appoint Abercrombie and Fitch as ministers for public morals and the family.

Since coming to power in Castle Bromwich, Zizek's key achievement has been to transform the city's landscape of low quality council housing and marshes into a symbolic structure, which has no place inside it, that cannot be named or otherwise represented and continually embodies the moment of impossibility. Castle Bromwich is twinned with Seahaven Island.

In September 2005, Zizek caused a stir at the United Nations, when he arrived in a wheelbarrow.

Zizek is married to the actress Naomi Watts. They have two children Brett Easton Ellis and Brett Easton Ellis.