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“This is by far the most absurd of Earth's shows. Why doesn't Rey, the shortest friend, not simply hit the other guys in the groin?”

“What could I do now to annoy everyone on RARE SMACKDOWN! more?...”


RARE SMACKDOWN! is the most popular sopa opera EVER! WHY? Because not only does it have sad moments for girls, gays and geeks to cry at, it also has some hardcore mashing!

The name RARE SMACKDOWN!(evicted from channels) comes from the Roman words Smackus and Downus, which literally put together mean penis-pussy, but in English it means RARE SMACKDOWN!!

RARE Smackdown also features jobbers from ECW (which is often referred to as EJW, for Extreme Jobber Wrestling)


In the beginning, there was nothing but a stadium. Soon, the people living around the stadium began to learn how to use it, and soon, a new sport known as RARE SMACKDOWN! was created! Now, fighters from all around the world come to try and win the big Free Condomship Champion belts (although you have to admit that surviving a fight is also quite notable...)!

RARE SMACKDOWN! like it's predecessor, Cheers, was performed before a live studio audience
Oscar Wilde was originally meant to be in RARE SMACKDOWN!

Episode Guide[edit]

RARE SMACKDOWN! Ended in 2045. People were so mad at McMahon they drove a random plane into a random building. Anyway, the episodes are all listed below. Episodes are divided into epic sagas with different names (ooh, fantacy). These sagas have either 5 episodes. Fortunately its was revived all over again thanks to McMahon which at the time of the revival went to the Future because of an unfortunate explosion to his limo.

Season I (The First Saga):

The 1st episode - The first episode showed a single friendly match, Way2Mysterious against Batista. Batista won (duh).

The 2nd episode - In this episode, Chris Benoit and his lovely whore Sharmell are introduced. Batista, Way2Mysterious and Benoit fight over her, and Benoit wins. Booger appears and challenges Benoit to a fight.

The 3rd episode - Benoit and Booger fight, and Booger cheats (but ends up winning). Sharmell kicks Benoit in the groin and she tore nuts of Benoit and goes off with Booger.

The 4th episode - Batista feels sorry for Benoit, and decides to kick him in the nuts so his groin won't hurt. He also promises to try and win Sharmell back. Upon hearing this, Booger calls the strongest man in the world of microsoft (Mark Henry) to kick Batista's lazy semi-erected groin. Hennry wins.

The 5th episode - MNM appear and fight Mark Henry (for no reason at all) but end up being eaten by Hennry. This is why Mark Henry is so fat.

Season II (The King of RARE SMACKDOWN! Saga):

The 1st episode - Way2Mysterious challenges Booger to get Sharmell, after hitting Benoit in the groin and cut his nuts so he cann't make cum again so he won't feel pain in his head. Booger sends out the Great Khali, Way2Mysterious is so scared he isn't seen for the rest of the season.

The 2nd episode - Mr. McMahon announces a big tournament to decide who is King of RARE SMACKDOWN! Batista fights Benoit, and loses on purpose of profit.

The 3rd episode - Booger fights Mark Henry, and orders him to lose for me today at night i will give you ham slice to eat. Mark Henry does so for this reason at all.

The 4th episode - Great Khali was supposed to fight Way2Mysterious, but this guy was still scared so never showed up. Entire episode spent wiating for Way2Mysterious who locked his self in locker room.

The 5th episode - Benoit, Booger and Great Khali fight for the crown. Booger orders the Great Khali to beat up Benoit, who loses drastically. Booger then orders Great Khali to lose, and booger becomes King Booger. McMahon then shows up and kicks Benoit in the groin since he was weak (though he said he did so for Benoit's groin to not hurt) and Benoit kiss McMahon's ass.

Season III (The Eddie Saga):

The 1st episode - Because Henry and Khali are followers of Russian Reversal, they no longer follow Booger's commands. They both prepare to fight Booger, but he manages to scare him away with his newest disciple: the Boogeyman.

The 2nd episode - JBL fights Edy Guerrero, who wins by making JBL knock out the referee, getting a chair (against the rules to use), smacking the floor, pretending to have fainted, then passing the chair to the other guy (who got kicked out for 'using' the chair)

The 3rd episode - Eddie Guerrero passes away; leaving the entire RARE SMACKDOWN! roster as well as his adoring fans shocked and in disbelief because he was biggest drug addict.

The 4th episode - Tribute Show of Eddie Guerrero.

The 5th episode - Benoit and Way2Mysterious are joined in the crying by Batista

Season IV (The Overtaker Saga):

The 1st episode - Eddie is completely forgotten. Overtaker appears, saying he will challenge everybody on RARE SMACKDOWN! and give them a KFC bucket. Batista tries and fails.

The 2nd episode - Way2Mysterious tries and fails. Then Benoit tries and succeeds... not...

The 3rd episode -Overtaker VS Mark Henry. Long, boring, but Overtaker wins. Also, Koko B. Ware Debuts and kills Nicole Ritchie, and vows to help Overtaker.

The 4th episode- Overtaker & Koko VS Boogeyman & Great Khali. He is killed once as they both don't wear underwear, and Koko turns on him, revealing he is not either. Then he comes back and is killed again. Then he comes back and is killed again. Then he deicdes to give it some rest. Reese Witherspoon takes over as host but is soon revealed to be an evil dictator hell-bent on killing Overtaker. So she clones herself, and the clones gang up on him and kill him, but he comes back.

The 5th episode - Was supposed to be Overtaker VS King Booger, but since the 1st guy's dead, the episode is spent with more clips of Eddie. However, Overtaker DOES get to kill Reese Witherspoon. But soon he realizes the one he has killed is NOT Reese-Prime, and rather one of the clones.

Season V (The Overtaker Saga 2):

The 1st episode - Overtaker comes back, and Reese-Prime gets everyone to gang up on him and kill him. However they all realise it was not Overtaker they killed, and rather, it is the beloved Mr. Rogers, dressed up as Taker for his own pleasure that they have all killed. Everyone gets pissed at Reese-Prime for fucking up and decides to eat her. However, They let the fans vote on who gets to eat Reese's sweet sweet delicious vaginal sections. In an unexpected landslide, Rose McGowan wins, and the audience masturbates in unison.

The 2nd episode - The real Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

The 3rd episode - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

Episodes 4-5.6079285856838x108888888888888 - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

Season VI (The Last Saga):

The 1st episode - Little Bastard VS Finlay. Who cares about Ireland?! No one. So instead, McMahon brings back two, no, six, no,, a baker's dozen of the Reese Witherspoon clones to have Lesbian sex. That'll put asses in the seats.

The 2nd episode - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

The 3rd episode - McMahon says the show will stop running just to annoy everybody. Benoit becomes desperate, fearing that he wouldn't have time to get his revenge.

The 4th episode - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

The 5th episode - Benoit finally fights Booger, but loses thanks to Sharmell, as she distracted him by yelling, "Hey Benoyt!" and he yelled back, "BITCH! THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PRONOUNCE MY FUCKING NAME!"

The 6th episode - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

Season VII (The Last Saga 2):

The 1st episode - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

The 2nd episode - Way2Mysterious finally fights Great Khali, and loses. Then he goes back and beats him by using math to perform a 6-1-9=-4 (Don't ask).

The 3rd episode - Overtaker comes back, and everyone gangs up on him and kills him.

The 4th episode - Benoit beats Booger and marries Sharmell, but like guys on TV ends up divorcing from her. He just ends up sleeping with about 5 of the stray Reese Witherspoon clones.

The 5th episode - Overtaker comes back. Guess what happens.

Season VIII (The Last Saga 3):

The 1st episode - Batista beats Mark Henry. Boogeyman quits his job from King Booger, who then transforms into Prince (artist). a group of 6 Reese Witherspoon clones turn deadly evil and rename themselves the New World Order and visciosly attacked Shrek the Third, spray painting NWO on his back. However a group of nice, sexy Reese Witherspoon clones band together and name themselves John Waters.

The 2nd episode - You'd probably expect Overtaker to come back, but he was too bored to do so so he waited one more episode. This episode, however, does feature the two groups of Reese clones doing battle.

The 3rd episode - Overtaker comes back, and dies heroically during the NWO-John Waters war.

The 4th episode - To everybody's suprise, Overtaker comes back, but everyone gangs up on him and kills him, as the two Reese Witherspoon clone groups finally merge into the R.E.E.S.E Agenda, promising to take over the known universe.

The 5th episode - McMahon announces this is the last episode of RARE SMACKDOWN! because of WWE bankruptcy, and everybody is fed up of him so they decide to "take out the trash".

Season IX (The Revival):

The 1st episode - Batista fought Lindsay Lohan In a Dildo in a pole match but went to no contest and decided that the match will take place at unwhoregiven. Also Vince McMahon just got back from the future becoming also a gay like Randy Ortonwho has married with 19900 years old Shawn Michaels. (Due to the explosion of his limo... sigh)

The 2nd episode - The Overtaker (The parody of the Ovrwertaker) defeated Vince McMahon (gay version) and forced him to be a MAN!!! (again) and Donald Trump Had given away free money (as a reward to the people who helped him defeat Rossie O Donnell at unwhoregiven)

The 3rd episode - Jeff Jarrett invaded RARE SMACKDOWN! but very unsuccessful (thanks to Batista) who just went by after working to Starbucks)

The 4th episode - To everybody's surprise, Kevin Federline went to RARE SMACKDOWN! but unfortunately (again) the men from Sparta kicked him (again) in a deep well (with Jennifer Lopez)

The 5th episode - Some Emu just chased Vince McMahon backstage. We don't know what happened to him but sources said that he was pecked in his ass somewhere in the city (New York... I supposed )


Mr. Krabs bought RARE Smackdown in 2007, planning to bring it back for a few more seasons hosted by Dr. Lex Luger.

Everyone lived happily ever after. Until they are sued by Hulk Hogan for not being allowed to appear in RARE SMACKDOWN!. Can this mean a sequel? Only Mr. Krabs knows for sure, as he plans to bring back the show in 2009 with a new motocross-martial arts-porn-educational-celebreality-dancing format, much to the ire of McMahon.

Hogan, receiving a blowjob


Overtaker - Big ugly guy that steals people's underwear. He's died over 5.6079285856838x108888888888888 times, and always comes back from hell.He also called my second home is hell.

Great Khali - Big. Really Big. REALLY BIG! didlo said.

Way2Mysterious - Small. Really Small. And mysterious. Really mysterious (no seriously, we've never seen his face!. Because he wear mask that he stole from Kane to hid his Jar head)

MNM - This pair had the shortest career in RARE SMACKDOWN! history. They got eaten on their first match.

Uh... some dude who used to exist, but isn't around no more - Used to be a charcter before he killed everyone, but he actually never existed in the first place so...ummm...w/e, lol omg thriple h is the suxxorzzz wit the backstage powerz omfgz

Edy Guerrero - Nerds' Idol. He used his wit to beat everyone. Example: When this guy knocked out the referee, Edy got a chair (against the rules to use), smacked the floor, pretended to have fainted, then passed the chair to the other guy (who got kicked out for 'using' the chair)

Batista - Rival to Mark Henry, the strongest man in the microsoft. You can say, I suppose, he's kinda dumb, being worst enemy to the strongest man in the microsoft. Wouldn't life be easier for him if they were friends?

After RARE SMACKDOWN! ended, Batatista went back to working in Starbucks.
Michael Jackson, who played the Overertaker, before dieing, after dying and after dying 5.6079285856838x108888888888888 times.

JBL - The only guy in RARE SMACKDOWN! without a vowel in his name. He's really rich, and usually bribes McMahon so he wins.

King Booger - The bad guy. Who's black. WHY IS McMAHON SO RACIST!?

Finllay - Another bad guy who's IRISH. Oh this keeps getting better and better.

Mark Henry - Another bad guy, who's also black. Hmm...

Boogeyman - This guy is a real doophus, who's black.

Little Bastard - Another Irish guy. Boy does McMahon hate Irish and Black guys. Which is ironic, because he is obviously irish...and black.

Reese Witherspoon - First introduced as the new host, she soon revealed her evil dictator mission to kill Overertaker. so she cloned herself to do so. However, in a mix up that resulted in the death of Mr. Rogers, everyone got pissed and decided to eat her. In a fan-poll decided moment, Rose Mcgowan got to eat her sweet sweet vaginal sections. However, the Reese clones continues to wreak very very sexy and cute havoc on RARE smackdown, as in one incident where one group turned evil and named themselves the New World Order, and fought the good Reese clones, named John Waters. However, the two groups just ended up merging into the sinister R.E.E.S.E Agenda.

McMahon - Another bad guy. HE's in charge of running the whole sport, and always makes the wrong decisions. He's descendant of a scottish family (AAA!, that explains everything!).

The Deadman - Officialy never beaten for some reason hired by jeff jarret to stop triple h's title reign. Mr O'Garas worst enemy and the guy who wrote on the white board that Mr Ogara was gay.

The King - Name is Shane but they call him the King...He IS KING...HE THINKS HENDRIX IS KING...HE WAS RIGHT...ALL HAIL HENDIX AND SHANE!!!!!!!!

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