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“Our people were decimated, but at least we got a good tasting snack before death!

~ Chief Shitting Cow on European diseases

“What the hell are these spots? They taste real good!”

~ A Hobo on smallpox

Smallpox is the third tastiest substance in the world, with water and oxygen coming in 1st and 2nd. Although it tastes freaking good, many (just kidding, everyone) have been known to die from it. It sprouts smaller pox all over their face, hence the name, and the zit like things pop green pus all over you. You then puke uncontrollably until you puke out every opening in your body (that includes your bunghole). The acid burns so much that many try to find a firearm, sharp object, or high place to kill themself with. Unfortunately for any dumbass who wants to taste it, it was exterminated by Oprah, who ate all of it and absorbed the toxins in it and shit them out.

Smallpox was also the name of a movie created in 893AD by Neil Armstrong, in which he described the intricacies of sheep. This movie was unfortunately banned, due to lack of good. A very interesting fact is that the disease was given its name from this movie.

“This movie was better than anything I've made!”

~ Ron Howard on smallpox the movie

“Fo' Shizzle Bling Bling”

~ Pox on smallpox the movie