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In 1823, Jedediah R. Jones founded the city of Smalltown, Texas. Apparently there was a saloon where some cowboys dressed in cliches had a showdown. Nothing happened there, until in 1881 there ws an Indian attack which can be found in a very outdated and useless history book (Kind of like Wikipedia). After the Indian attack, they rebuilt the town and three new people moved there.

In 1901, a smallpox epidemic struck and wiped out all of the inhabitants. Apparently, this was big news, because it made the last page of a Galveston newspaper. The ghosts of the town rejoiced for recognition. Then one of them pointed out that they were dead, and the ghosts ceased existence.

Then, in 2002, some guy living with his mom in Smalltown pwned a n00b from Houston, and went on to take over WOW and Runescape. A rally was held in his honor. All 6 inhabitants came with shotguns. They were most certainly used (On whom I won't say).


We have no clue as to the demographics of this town, mostly because the government deemed this town unfit for the census (Partly becasue it was believed to have a negative population).

What to Do in Smalltown[edit]

  • Sleep