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As you can see, the Indian looks smarter and is smarter than the American in this picture.

Smart Indians scout the land in the former Union and Southern parts of the United States of America. Preying on abusive gamblers and alcoholics they strive in packs only to be let down by their heard. Most play with 5's and 20's but the elite high rollers sometimes try to feed paper into the slot machines hoping to fool the smart Indians. Some Indians have even gone so far to return to their natural homeland in India and start casinos there.

Notable Characteristics[edit]

Authors Note: These are not stereotypes. Smart Indians Always wear glasses. They also often receive high marks or marks above standards in schools including A and the unheard of A+. They usually occupy American International schools, but never British schools. They do not write with pens. They always write with pencil or quill. They wear sweaters. When it is hot, they may wear aviators. When it is cold, they do not shiver. It can also be noted that Smart Indians can usually been seen brainstorming ideas on trans-galactic travel as early as the age of 3. Seconds.

Where they come from[edit]


  • Ghandi
  • Those who got out of Pakistan when they could.
  • Most of em actually. Damn, smart asses.
  • That quiet indian guy in chemistry class.
  • That guy at your summer camp (damnit he's smartter than me!0

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