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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for someone that stinks?
Yes, you guessed it, it's a nose.

Tamia stinks, BOTH literally and figuratively”

“I like to smell the white powdery stuff I find on the streets! It smells GREAT!”

~ Deadpool on smell

The sense of smell is one of the 5 natural human senses. It is probably the most useless (besides taste). Stink is a better word for it. All it does is catches particles that have defused into a gas or solid or something. Smell can also be the biggest pain-in-the-ass; If you tread in some dog crap or put your hand in cat crap by accident (or, indeed, on purpose), your nose will tell you about it all the way to the bathroom. Some people (mainly sewage workers) have found this incredibly annoying and have sought to have their nose removed and have skin from their anus grafted over the gap (see image). In addition, your feet stink.

"My mate's got no nose." ... "How does he smell?" ... "Terrible." Bang (Writer of caption has been shot for the good of Uncyclopedia)

The only real use for noses is to tell you what something smells like, (and to make your face look a little less scary). It can also be used for smelling for gas, but by the time you smell it, you're probably going to pass out and die from it. Just like with your mother's vaginal discharge. Seriously, she should get herself checked out. I, along with the brave team of men whom had payed her for intercourse, were out cold for at least six hours - In which time we discovered she had shat on all of our colletive chests much to our dismay.

People with a poor sense of vision make more use of their noses by balancing beef curtains on them, so you see it is a multi-purpose tool.

Smell does help your sense of taste. So without smell you wouldn't be able to taste; dick, schlong, penis and bell. Which undoubtedly proves you would NOT be better off without it. The nose is also, in fact, an drug used to breed kittens for collective huffing. This is also known to be the fact why car smoke has the same effect as huffing a kitten- Just more likely to make you develop cancer (lol, n00b). Dont worry, you can always become a famous cancer porn star like Operah or become an hero.