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“The best pimp we ever had. And him being a dog makes the word bitch make more sense.”

~ Various Bitches on Snoop Dog

“-Silence and random yelps-”

~ Snoopy on Snoop Dog

“Oh I can pop that motha fucka fulla lead any time... 'Cept then he probbably wouldn't come back with the stick I threw him...”

~ Snoop Dogg on Snoop Dog

“His whores gave me herpes and AIDS. I have to go and kill myself now... Good bye cruel world.”

~ Charlie Brown on Snoop Dog


~ Claude Speed on snoop dog

Snoop Dog is shown here in his usual attire.

Snoop Dog iz da urban pimpster half brudda o' Snoopy. Snoopy'smudda wuz uh beeotch (in both terms o' da word) an' so slept around wiff many other dogs. Snoop'sfather iz Brian, who later played uh dog in Family Guy, who iz actually black, though albino. This confused identity led Brian ta lash out against blacks, including Snoop, his own son. In fact, at da age o' 5, Snoop wuz already persecuted by Casper The Friendly Ghost, uh member o' da Klu Klux Klan. His brudda Snoopy also tended ta scorn Snoop fo' his race, instead befriending small Asian birds, relationships dat soon brought him Avian Bird Flu. As Brian wuz an alcoholic, Snoop wuz often beaten wiff nearby puns an' poorly crafted humor, which caused him internal bleeding. At da age o' 15, Snoop ventured out on his own on Suburbia'sstreets an' became uh pimp. ya'll is mad stupid.

The Dogg in his Lycanthropic form.

Pimping Career[edit]

Snoop is shown here sizing up one of his many whores as she prepares to pole dance at his strip club.

Snoop dog and Shane Patteerson had a surprising number of pedophiles willing to buy his whores, and so he grew quite affluent. He also tried selling vacumn cleaners but this gig was not nearly as sucessful.

Rapping Career[edit]

Soon after he gained a reasonable amount of money from exploiting women, Snoop decided to further his career by becoming a rapper, and rapping about his life of being a pimp and a gangster. Notably, this makes him the only rapper to have actually sung about these things, who actually did them. The rest are just extremely sunburnt white men from Australia. After seeing his half-brother's sucessful career, Snoopy and his wife Snoop Dogg decided to immitate it, hoping to confuse the public and bring Snoop down. Their efforts worked, as Snoop soon was forced to declare bankruptcy and retire. OOOH! and we were forgetting the most important fact; there is not a day that he doesnt make ME horny!

Pirate Ninja Career[edit]

Shown here is Snoop Dog upon the scalp of Kakashi, a senior citizen in Florida.

He become a pirate, which Kakashi did. As soon as he used his retirement funds to purchase a pirate ship and crew, Snoop began to play loud rock music about lesbians, which gave Kakashi a heart attack, killing him. Snoop began to sail towards Cuba, to get him some smokes, but his ship was soon shot down by The Red Baron, his brother in disguise as a pilot.


Pretty obviously, the explosion of the ship killed Snoop. He died in peace... if dying in peace means asploding into tiny smithereens which were soon eaten by bloodthirsty mermaids.

Some people believe Snoop was in fact not killed by the asplosion, and in fact escaped and was killed in 2001 by one of his bitches had fat asses and Shane Patterson posessed by the spirit of love and fucking his mom. Shanes Mom was a hooker for 80 years for some money to keep her retarded son the doctors could agree for these charges.

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