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Snow Black seen stumbling out of a local bar while wandering the streets of Bangkok at 2:30 am behind her best friend Oprah Winfrey who is followed by her best friend, Mariah Carey.


Snow Black (b. January 16, 1967) was a Latino porn star who, although not intending to become one, ended up being one after she realized that job made lots more money than impersonating Snow White, a dumb bitch famous for her beauty. She was crowned with the award of being the biggest whore and porn star ever. She is the only woman to win that coveted award 24 times in a row in the history of man-kind. She is credited for inspiring the greats, such as Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and many more.

The Journey To Porn Stardom[edit]

Snow Black was born to two people and is actually human. Her mother was a house wife and prostitute and her father was man that her mother does not know and never saw in her lifetime. As a woman, Black was stereo-typed and was stamped to be a prostitute like her mother was in her lifetime. Show Black was determined not be a prostitute like her mother but aspired to become more than that. She was to achieve the ultimate success - Making adult films.

When her mother died, it was revealed to her that her father, who is human, was not human and was just a baseball bat in which her mother used to satisfy her sexual needs in between clients while prostituting. Snow Black was devastated and decided to drown her sorrows in having fun.

Snow Black then became a porn star after her long ten minute journey to the Porn version of Hollywood. In order to gain the respect of her manager, she had to commit age fabrication, stating that she was 3 years of age instead of using her real age, 3 years and 2 days old. Finally, her journey to porn stardom was completed. For more information on her long journey, see the The Journey To Porn Stardom section of this article.


Snow Black, created a feud with her white counterpart Snow White when she stated that she would impersonate her rival in a new pornographic video titled "Snow White & the Seven Positions". Snow White was upset by this fact and became an even bigger self-obsessed whore and bitch. Snow White argued that Snow Black should not be granted permission to present her self in such an auspicious adult film when the real Snow White was ready and willing to portray this under exaggerated version of her poor, white self. Because Snow Black was the visionary of the film, there was nothing anyone could do to stop her because it was her idea. Snow Black Continued shooting the video on August 28, 1999 and the film was wrapped on December 12 of that same year. It was considered to be the perfect adult film and was rated suitable for children. It featured Snow Black disguised very discretely as Snow White as she performed and premiered seven new sexual positions on over 7, 000, 000 men. It was premiered on the very last minute of the year 2000 and was the number 1 film in the box office for the next 5 years. The movie theaters officially banned it's showing in late 2006 after the invention of the DVD and incessant masturbation and sexual intercourse during it's showings. Ever since then Snow White and Snow Black have been immortal enemies and have both been competing to produce the next big pornographic movie. Disney created a sitcom version of this movie and there was also a spin-off which ran for twenty minutes before its finale called "Cory in the WhoreHouse".

Selected Filmography[edit]

  • Baby Love (1970) ..... Herself
  • Snow White & the Seven Positions (1999/2000) ..... Snow White/Herself
  • I Am the Whore of the Century (2000) ..... Herself
  • Xcited Xone Sex (2001) ..... Herself
  • Snow Black's Sex Hospital (2002) ..... Herself
  • To Izz, or Not 2 Izz (2006) ..... Herself