Snrakle fish

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The Snrakle fish is a minnow sized fish consummated in the Virgin Islands via a sex act between a human male and a donkey. The fish is ejaculated from the male human’s penis in to the ocean a month after the donkey-man sex act. The snrakle fish craves dirt and grime and thus it immediately migrates to the grimiest place on earth, Ocean City, Maryland. For quadrillions of years the snrakle fish have inhabited the harbors of Ocean City.

Evolution (or basically the Earth evolved around them)[edit]

In the AF time period small furry animals conquered the earth by buying it from humans in return for shiny trinkets with the expressed purpose of eating the snrakle fish. These small furry animals promptly died off because they were allergic to water and had no way to catch the fish without dying. Thus humans have the snrakle fish to thank for killing the small furry animals and allowing the human to once again dominate the earth. However, today the snrakle fish not recognized for its great achievement, instead it is sadly used as transportation by Ocean City natives, known as grimers. Grimers catch these small fish by jumping into the water and randomly striking the surface until they stun a snrakle fish. This barbaric action proves that grimers are only one step above the small furry animals who inhabited the earth and could not even catch the snrakle fish. Upon catching the fish, the grimers sit on their heads, resulting in the fish being squished into a small, pancake like fish patty. The grimers then walk wherever it was they were trying to go. If the small furry animals form the AF time period were around they would have eaten the patty, but they are not so the patties just rot by the ocean until a hermit crab eats them. It is illegal to walk anywhere in Ocean City without first sitting on a snrakle fish.